Music Bursary

This information being updated. Check last year’s info for now.


Closing date 31st January 2019


The bursary should allow an aspiring musician to access opportunities for improving their performance and opportunities that are currently not available to them on the grounds of personal/family financial restraints.


It is proposed to award 2 bursaries each of £400


Potentially talented young musician of any age or musical genre who is in the following categories

  • Receives free school meals
  • Is subject to pupil premium payment
  • Is identified by their music teacher as coming from a family where significant financial hardship is preventing progress


Musicians can be submitted by their music teachers but must also be sponsored by a local Rotary Club. Where no club has been contacted, D1220 Youth Services coordinator will put the candidate and teacher in touch with a club in their locality that is willing to be their sponsor.

Musicians will send to the selectors an MP3 recording of a performance and a 400 -600 word statement detailing how the Bursary will promote their musical aspirations

Selectors (to be determined) will shortlist candidates who will then be auditioned and interviewed in person

These are examples of selection criteria that may be used;

  • Obvious musical and technical competency if not brilliance- you can hear the potential in any young player if its there
  • Age and stage- its no good being at Grade 4 standard when you are 17 if you want to take it further. The stage of development has to at least match the age of the musician
  • Enthusiasm! Most important quality of all and the one easiest to spot a fake! Do they listen to things? Do they have a curiosity about all kinds of music? Do they explore composers and performers on the web? How much practice do they do, when and how?

Clubs will have an option , if they choose, to supplement the bursary.

Age Group

No more than 18yrs of age by August 31st 2019

Closing Date

MP3 recording of no more than 4 minutes and statement between 400 and 600 words by 31st January 2019. As in previous years no late entries will be accepted.


Candidates for audition/interview will be notified by 28th February 2019. The auditions will take place in March and April at dates and venues to be determined.

Entries should be submitted to . This email will not be monitored until January 2019 so any queries should be addressed to the email address below.

Lis Rodgers

D1220 Youth Services Coordinator


Download (DOCX, 14KB)

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