Youth Report to District Council


District Council / Executive Report 

For  Meeting on:- 11th September 2018

Committee:- Youth Services; contact

I have realised that my report to District Council is not being passed to Youth Chairs by the club reps so I will post it on the website in future. The contents of this report are already on the website.

As you can see we are rationalising time and expenditure based on previous interest in events (or lack thereof!)


None of these events will run next year due to insufficient interest to justify the time and expense of running them.

Castleton RYLA will run on 16th -19th February 2019

Buxton RYLA will run on 17th – 19th May 2019


After discussion with DGE Cheryle, the priorities for next year will be

  • Rotakids,
  • Music Bursary aimed at less advantaged talented young musicians,
  • Masterclass for Young Chefs,
  • Slam Jam
  • Involvement in the Big Bang events for Technology.

I will provide further details on these topics ASAP.

Please note the presentation on Rotakids to take place at the beginning of the September Council meeting.

Young Writer topic for 2019 is ‘My Inspiration’

Young Photographer topic for 2019 is Beauty of Nature

None of the events next year will run without volunteers coming forward to assist with organisation.


Name:        Lis Rodgers                                                             Date: 19/08/18


Position: Youth Services Coordinator