2020-21 Youth competitions

Rotary GB&I have put out the following statement, as at 20/05/2020

Due to the unpredictability of multi-person gatherings being permitted during and post COVID-19, the decision has been taken by the Joint Governing Council (DGs 2019/20 & 2020/21) to withdraw National Competition Finals in Rotary Year 2020/21 for: Young Musician; Young Chef and Youth Speaks Debate.

Rotary has confirmed that face-to-face meetings and events will not resume until January 2021, and then only if compatible with Government guidelines. At this time, it is unclear when schools will return, and it is recognised that the requirements to safeguard students, teachers and others within the school setting are yet to be established. This situation means that Club/District competitions will not start until January 2021 at the earliest and winners of these competitions may or may not be able to proceed to Regional Youth Finals. Therefore, to provide clarity for all concerned, as stated, winners of District and/or Regional Finals of the three competitions Young Musician, Young Chef and Youth Speaks Debate will not follow through into a National Final this coming Rotary year.

The Young Citizen Awards and the five remaining youth competitions do not need a physical event for young people to compete at, therefore these competitions will continue to be run through to a National Final. These competitions are:

  • Young Environmentalist
  • Young Photography
  • Young Artist
  • Young Writer
  • Young Filmmaker

There has been consideration by the Joint Governing Council regarding the use of online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom to run competitions but recognition that this would require further investigation to ensure equality of opportunity and adherence to competitions rules.

For clarity relating to Regional Youth Finals, the Joint Governing Council has agreed to:

  • Retain the original concept of an ‘Expo’ but not necessarily have all three competitions in the same venue on the same day.
  • Have the districts organise each event as has been the case in the past but retain the concept of a regional coordinator to ensure a consistent approach across the regions ensuring that the fullest use is made of membership and public relations opportunities to promote rotary.
  • All regions now have the publicity material that was prepared for this year’s competitions. These can be used again to provide a consistent programme format, as was the case this year, which can be populated with the necessary regional information. This should be made available much earlier than happened this year.

In preparation for Youth Competitions taking place in 2020/21, the competition rules for will be published online before 30th June 2020 and District Youth Service Chairs will be contacted directly with this information.

For further information please contact Humanitarian Service, Youth Competitions Lead Gwenda Griffiths on gwendaeg@hotmail.co.uk

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