3-D Printed Face Protection

118 facemask kits, printed at home by Seth

Rotherham Man Seth Lilleker has been busy printing parts for protective face masks. He writes;

A few weeks ago I started designing some face shields that were aimed at using any available clear material as a screen whether it be a freezer bag or plastic cut from a 2L pop bottle among other things – my train of thought was make something simple that can be used with  household items that anyone has access to. while I was designing this a couple of other designs were made available which had be accepted as suitable by medical boards in Czech and Sweden, these have become the standard for people to produce using 3D Printers as they are simple and fairly quick to print, So I set to work printing using a design based upon the Swedish design while still developing the one I had initially started. so knowing I wouldn’t really be able to spend my wages on much this month after our factory closed and we had to stay at home I spent them on getting materials to produce the face shields.

Then after speaking with very good friend of mine who is a paramedic, it was clear it we needed to produce as many as possible as quickly as possible, which meant I needed more printers and materials, knowing I could not fund it myself I decided to setup the Go Fund Me on the off chance a few people would help and raise a few hundred pounds to allow me to keep producing.

I never knew how generous and supportive people could be with all the donations that have been made. The donations made so far have allowed me to purchase 2 more printers and lots more materials allowing me to produce around 12 shields every 3 hours instead of 6 every 4.5 hours, this has made a massive difference to what I can produce and get delivered.

I am also looking into what other materials I can manufacture face shields and other PPE or useful items from, because as time goes on certain materials will be harder if not impossible to source for some time and we will still need to keep the NHS and front line emergency services protected the best we can.

I would be very grateful if you could share the Go Fund Me with any of your contacts, this is a link to it here.

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