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Since completing the previous quarter’s shipments with 200 Aquabox Golds being sent to Rotary District 3292 Nepal in March, AQUABOX has continued its busy schedule.

In the past three months, our volunteer teams have packed 700 Aquabox Golds, with our volunteer AquaFilter assembly teams ensuring that each had a fully operational AquaFilter Family included in the box. All together, these boxes have provided emergency humanitarian aid to a minimum of 3.500 people and our AquaFilters will each produce a minimum of 16, 000 litres of safe drinking water.

In detail, we shipped 100 of these Aquabox Golds to Uganda, for distribution by our long standing partner organisation, CART. This Yorkshire based, voluntary charity also undertaken for a further 100 Aquabox Golds sent to Rwanda. Both countries remain badly affected by the aftermath of unrest and fighting, and CART’s work in supporting communities and offering shelter and education to children is as important today as it ever was. Aquabox’s humanitarian aid is a vital part of CART’s on-going commitment to these communities.

Aquabox also shipped during this quarter 500 Aquabox Golds to Turkey, working with the UK-based Muslim Aid organisation to ensure that this aid reached the most badly affected of the more than 1.5 million refugees from the civil war in Syria. The world has to keep up its efforts to support these often wholly innocent victims of these indiscriminate armed struggles, and Aquabox is proud to be part of those efforts.

We also are about to air freighted 5 AquaFilter Community units direct into Aleppo in Syria, via the Lebanon. These Communities are destined to support nearly 1000 people in that war torn city who are sheltering in three former school building. These people are from all communities formerly living peaceably together in the local area, Muslims, Christians and those of no faith. They are being supported on the ground by Marist Blues at Aleppo, Syria. Marist Blues write:

The city is completely encircled. There is risk of being taken away or killed. The people are afraid… A fear which depresses, which paralyses, which kills… So the question is posed : what do we do ? Flee, as so many families have done? Stay in place paralysed ? Act ? What to do?
“And those are a drop in a sea of displaced, homeless, stranded… but for us, they are names : Zeinab, Moustapha, Ali, etc… They have a face, they are a history, they are a look, a poem… For them and because of them, we take risks…”

Marist Blues are also supported by Rotarians in California, USA.

In total, Aquabox’s efforts to help in these diverse humanitarian crises has required donation funding of £88, 750.

THANKS TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS, SUPPORTERS and DONORS. Without this support, Aquabox would not be able to bring the Gift of Life to so many desperate people around the world.

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