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As is the case with all relief agencies, Aquabox is working hard to support those millions of Philippine people effected by the tragic and devastating typhoon Haiyan. Our hearts and very best wishes go out to them. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteer teams, we have prepared 100 Community Filters for immediate airlift to the Philippines and onward distribution to effected areas.

This will not be an easy or speedy task. In the effected areas, little if any infrastructure remains operational, making any and all aid problematic. However, Aquabox believes that y working with its Rotary partners at District level in the Philippines its aid will best be delivered to those needing it. Local people know the terrain, the language and culture, and “the system” at local level so much better than might outsiders.

But Aquabox has been and will remain busy in other regards, too.

Since August of this year, Aquabox has despatched 1500 Aquabox Gold boxes to support those effected by the conflict in Syria, working with our long established, internationally recognised distribution partner organisation, Muslim Aid.

Aquabox, in addition, has deployed 60 of its Community Filters (each producing a minimum of 600,000 litres of safe and clean drinking water) direct into communities within Syria. The UNHCR estimates that there are twice as many people inside the boundaries of Syria effected by the conflict (more than 4 millions) as there are refugees from it in surrounding countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Aquabox is one of the very few international agencies to have distributed its aid directly in Syria.

Aquabox Community being used in Syria

Aquabox Community being used in Syria

Aquabox had also distributed 400 Aquabox Golds (each containing an AquaFilter family unit, of course) directly to support families and schools in Malawi, working with our distribution partner, Christian Africa Relief Trust.

ALL of Aquabox’s operation depends on the active support of its volunteer teams, assembling our Filters and packing our Gold boxes, and undertaking the various logistics and administrative tasks necessary for the delivery of its life saving aid. None of this work would be possible without the continuing and generous financial support from its donors, including many Rotary clubs within RIBI.

Every penny of money donated to Aquabox goes to directly support its aid. Aquabox has no salaried staff and only minimal fixed overheads.

THANK YOU TO EACH AND AND DONATE TO AQUABOX, still after 20 years of operation a Rotary charity.

At present, the Aquabox website has limited functions, as it is undergoing re-design, but online donations can be made through its “Support Aquabox” pages. Updates on Aquabox’s operations can presently provided by mini-blogs on Facebook; search under Rotary:Aquabox.

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