Belper Cemetery Maintenance

**Rotary Club Belper and Duffield, District 1220
Contact details Rtn. Dave Ashley. (Liaison with volunteers and Rotary club) Mob. 07738 552178. Email Rtn John Stamp. (Publicity & social media) Mob. 07535 359424   Email
**Project Title Belper Cemetery maintenance
**Beneficiary Amber Valley Borough Council
Contact details Richard Hodgkinson (open Spaces Officer)  Email
Business Partner(s) Derbyshire Wildlife Trust – Advising on wildlife matters Rotary Business Partnership Initiative
Contact details Contact details of Business Partner(s) – tbc
**Background Belper cemetery is very large with graves dating back over 150 years.    Areas of the cemetery that are in current use are maintained by Amber Valley Borough Council to a good standard, however some of the oldest areas have been in need of additional maintenance, with many graves completely being completely overgrown.  Much clearance work has been undertaken in the last two years but further clearance and much maintenance work is now required to ensure the appearance of the cleared areas remains acceptable and is constantly improved.
**Project Benefits The appearance of the older parts of the cemetery has already been improved and will be improved further over forthcoming sessions. Access to all graves in the areas is being improved also allowing the identification of individual graves that have been completely overgrown. Clearance of the overgrown areas will allow easier subsequent maintenance. The general environment of the cemetery will be greatly improved for the local community. The historical significance of the cemetery will be highlighted. Commercial organisations and businesses, working alongside Rotary, will be identified as having a true community conscience, showing proper respect to local history and valuing the protection and improvement of the environment for the whole community. Rotary will be seen (via social media and other publicity) as being actively working for the benefit of the local community and the local environment.
Objectives To improve the appearance of agreed parts of the cemetery. To record details of uncovered graves.
Scope of work Two years of work have already been undertaken exposing large numbers of previously overgrown graves.  Work proposed for the coming year includes clearing any additional areas of hidden graves, general maintenance, clearing out and improving three existing water troughs, refreshing the store room doors and toilet area, planting wild flowers and more daffodils.
Project Costing The project is essentially one of “garden maintenance”.  However a budget of up to £150  may be required to cover the purchase of any minor items of equipment, ppe  or plants as the work progresses.
Material requirements All volunteers will, where possible, be asked to bring their own equipment with which they are familiar.  A supply of goggles and gardening gloves will however be available.
Success Criteria This phase of the project is mainly one of consolidation and improvement.    Success will be measured by the appearance of those areas of the cemetery where work has been carried out and by the public recognition of those organisations (Rotary and local businesses) as having made a valuable contribution to the environment, history and the community.
Constraints We will  work within any constraints imposed by Amber Valley Borough Council, using hand and battery operated tools only.
Terms and Conditions Employers’ Liability Insurance – £20,000,000 and Public Liability Insurance – £20,000,000 is in force.    A Risk Assessment has been completed for 2023.   Formal agreement has been reached with Amber Valley Borough Council as to the exact nature of the project.
Key Assumptions It is assumed that the following will apply:- Funds as outlined will be made available.Sufficient Rotary, non-Rotary and Business Partnership volunteers will be found to carry out the required work
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