Aquaboxes making a difference in Syria

On the 18th February, 160 Aquaboxes left the Aquabox depot in Wirksworth Derbyshire, bound for Hand in Hand for Aid (HiHAD) Birmingham, and then onwards to refugee camps in Syria.

In the interim period Aquabox have maintained email contact with their HiHAD partner. Customs and other bureaucratic procedures created delays as is all too often the case, and as a result, no pictorial evidence of how Aquabox aid has been utilised was received until 27th August, but goodness it was worth the wait.

Thanks to the wonderful support for Aquabox by HiHAD, the boxes have all been distributed in refugee camps and are being used to help support the people there. Teams of aid workers carried the boxes to tents and then gave full instruction on how to correctly use and maintain the all-important water filters.

Together our aid will have reached over 160 families and has the capacity to provide safe water for drinking and washing for 1000 people.

You can support the great work of Aquabox at

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“Our Aid Will Get Through” – AQUABOX

Here in the UK, we rarely experience such physical events as earthquake, mud-slide and landslip. In Nepal, these occurrences present a regular threat to life and communities. 

One such event happened on 14th August this year in the Sindhupalchowk district. This area is characterised by narrow valleys and steep mountains. It is highly rural with woefully inadequate health services. The communities are wide-spread and heavily reliant on cultivating the poor soils typical of this hilly region.

Over many years Aquabox has developed a strong relationship with the country. It maintains a contingency supply of aid boxes in Kathmandu, ready for secure distribution, through the service of the Gurkhas, Nepal Armed Police and local Rotary clubs at times of need.

Once our aid reached the areas where it was needed, but this was by no means the end of the story. Roads were destroyed by the August landslip and communities were left isolated. 11 people died and 30+ declared missing. Houses were either destroyed or seriously damaged.

The only way to move the aid that arrived was on foot and often through dangerous and difficult terrain as illustrated by these images. But the local people met this challenge with alacrity. It is humbling to witness the efforts they were prepared to make to deliver aid to those in need. Every box hauled up the steep, crumbling pathways represented a life-line for a family, in particular by providing access to safe drinking water where none is available.

All our aid costs a significant amount to supply and distribute across the world and  all our income is contingent upon the generosity of donors

If you would like to support us and help families survive the aftermath of disaster such as this please see how you can do this on our website

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AQUABOX Responds To Cyclone Amphan

AQUABOX, Rotary District 1220’s own disaster relief charity, has managed a rapid response to the Amphan storm in the Bay of Bengal – despite the charity having been shut down since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

From Saturday May 16 to Thursday May 21, Amphan – officially graded as a Super Cyclonic Storm – ripped into the coastal areas on the Bay of Bengal. It was the worst cyclone for the past 20 years, with sustained wind speeds of 150 mph and a peak of 160 mph, and it has resulted in massive damage.

Government sources in the area report that millions of acres of crops have been destroyed due to salt-water flooding, and that more than 200,000 farmers have lost their livelihoods, their homes and belongings. In total, millions of people’s lives have been devastated. On top of that, Covid-19 is already in the area, and although relief camps have been set up, social distancing is impossible.

Mercifully, the death toll from Amphan is low, but with severely limited access to safe water for drinking, personal hygiene, and preparing food, it is likely that many more will suffer and possibly die. That’s where Aquabox steps in, with the Aquafilter – a simple, robust hand-pumped unit which converts polluted water to safe, clean water, and which needs no power source and only minimal maintenance.

Aquabox, which was founded by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth nearly 30 years ago, has shipped two substantial aid packages to Kolkata for local distribution in the cyclone area. The first shipment, by air, left the Aquabox depot in Wirksworth, Derbyshire on June 3 and included 10 community water filters and 60 family filters. At a conservative estimate, the 70 filters will provide clean water for around 4,500 people. The second shipment, by sea, will leave the depot on June 9, and includes 250 Aquabox Gold boxes, each containing a wide range of aid items (shelter building materials, food preparation items and hygiene products) as well as a family water filter. This second shipment will provide access to safe drinking water for a further 1,500 people.

All of this has been achieved despite the current lockdown, because the charity had built up a stock of aid ready to distribute before the lockdown started. Local distribution at Kolkata will be managed through the Eastern Indian Rotary Welfare Trust, a tried and tested partner agency.

Freight costs have risen sharply as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, and in total, these two shipments have cost Aquabox £42,000. That has made a significant dent in the charity’s reserves, at the start of the hurricane season – past experience has shown that there will almost certainly be more demand for Aquabox’s water filters and humanitarian aid boxes before long.

Readers can help to fund Aquabox’s vital work by donating at For more information contact Roz Adamson –

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Aquabox Reaches Yemen For The Third Time In Two Years.

The terrible situation in Yemen is the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. People there are trapped in a dreadful cycle of conflict, starvation and sickness. Access to safe drinking water is extremely limited or non-existent.

It is estimated that 17 million are currently at risk (including 11 million children). There have been over 85 000 child deaths since the conflict began.

Water supplies and sanitation systems have been decimated – in some cases deliberately targeted.  Cholera is at epidemic levels as a result.

We have acted to support and empower the people in this dreadful environment.

Rotary District 1220’s own charity, Aquabox, and a partner charity, JOY (Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire) have delivered and successfully distributed three humanitarian aid packages to the country over the past two years. This has been accomplished despite the intrinsic danger to those acting on our behalf.

The joint consignments contain Aquabox’s family water filters and other items of humanitarian aid together with much needed dried food and medical supplies/equipment from JOY.  Over 5000 people have been supported by our aid, many in small family groups. More is needed.

The latest shipment has now been distributed to local groups and we were so pleased to received images of our aid reaching families.

Please help support us in this and other work we do to supply safe drinking water and aid to those in need in disaster areas across the world.

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Disaster Appeals

The weather is causing lots of hardship at the moment.  Below are some of the International appeals happening right now.

Hurricane Harvey

Dear Rotarians,

As I am sure you all know, many of the cites along the Gulf Coast of the United States have been devastated by category 4 Hurricane Harvey with winds of over 130 miles an hour and over 50 inches of rain. It’s the heaviest storm on record anywhere in the U.S. outside Hawaii and it is still raining.

This severe rainfall has caused historic flooding along the Texas coast, including in Houston. Deluged towns in the region are in desperate need of aid as thousands of residents were forced to flee their homes. Cities like Rockport, Texas have been completely destroyed. The Greater Houston area with a population of over 6.5 million people (the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the United States) has had over 3.7 million people leave the region in the evacuation effort. Others remained trapped inside their homes, as entire neighborhoods were submerged.

Hurricane Harvey is predicted to be the costliest natural disaster in the history of the U.S., with a damage cost exceeding Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. AccuWeather predicts that the damage cost will hit $160 billion.

Earlier this morning, Presidential Aide Don Mebus and Past RI Director Greg Podd hosted a strategy conference call with governors from Districts 5930, 5840, 5890, 5910 and 6200 in Texas and Louisiana to develop a cohesive response.

A Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Donor Advised Fund (DAF) has been established by Greg Podd and President-Elect Barry Rassin through The Rotary Foundation to collect relief contributions. Don and Greg are working with leaders from the affected districts to create a process for disbursing DAF funds to their respective district foundations or local 501c3 organizations to support local relief efforts.

If you would like to help please go to the following link:

If you would like to make a contribution by credit card please go to the following link:

The Name of the DAF (Donor Advised Fund) is The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Donor Advised Fund. The Account Number of the DAF (Donor Advised Fund) is 608

ShelterBox, Rotary’s partner for disaster relief, is providing tents for use as ‘privacy tents’ to be pitched within the convention centers housing families that have been evacuated.

Please direct inquiring Rotarians to the web story on for the most up-to-date information or to contact RI by writing to

Please share this information with your fellow Rotarians and Rotary Clubs.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can give.

Dean Rohrs
Rotary International Vice President 2017-18

Download (PDF, 810KB)


Hurricane Irma

In light of the problems being caused in the Caribbean by Hurricane Irma the RIBI Donations Trust trustees have decided to re-open the Caribbean Hurricane Appeal which was originally set up last year.

The link for donations is:


Aquabox – Appeal for Nepal and Bangladesh

Download (PDF, 536KB)



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Derbyshire charity Aquabox recognised with the Queen’s Award for voluntary Service for 2016

A voluntary group from Wirksworth, Derbyshire, which provides safe drinking water and humanitarian aid worldwide to those in need has been honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service – the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK.

More than 70 volunteers from the local community attend the Aquabox depot each week to assemble the water filters or pack the boxes with humanitarian aid, ready for dispatch to countries suffering from the effects of disasters, whether natural or man-made.

Aquabox is managed and run  by the Rotary Club of Wirksworth. In recognition of the award, chairman of trustees Mike Tomlinson and his wife Dianne, a fellow Aquabox volunteer, attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 24 May 2016 hosted by the Queen, where they met with other winners of this year’s award.

Mr Tomlinson said: “Everybody connected with Aquabox is absolutely thrilled with this accolade, which recognises the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers who selflessly give up their time to ensure this vital aid goes to places where it’s needed most.

“Dianne and I were proud and humbled to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent all of the volunteers at the Buckingham Palace garden party. It’s fantastic that Aquabox has been recognised in this way, and it was also an honour to meet with representatives of other important charities doing great work in the UK and overseas.”

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service Committee Chair, former broadcast journalist Sir Martyn Lewis, said: “I warmly congratulate all of the inspirational voluntary groups who have been rewarded for their community work with a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The thousands of volunteers who give up their spare time to help others in the community and to help solve problems demonstrate the very best of democracy in action.”

Since its formation in 1992, Aquabox has distributed more than 105,000 boxes to crisis zones across the world. It recently sent 4,500 boxes to Turkey and Lebanon to aid Syrian refugees, and shipped almost 2,000 boxes to earthquake-hit Nepal. The plastic boxes consist of a water-filtration unit, cooking utensils, hygiene equipment, tools, shelter materials, baby clothing and educational items.

The charity relies entirely on donations and fundraising to purchase the boxes and their contents.

Aquabox is one of the 193 charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups to receive the prestigious award this year. The number of awards given this year is slightly higher than last year, showing that the voluntary sector is thriving and full of innovative ideas to tackle community challenges.

The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award given to local volunteer groups across the UK to recognise outstanding work with their communities. The awards were created in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and winners are announced each year on 2 June – the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.

Aquabox will receive the award from William Tucker, the Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire, later this summer.

For further information on Aquabox visit

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AQUABOX pulls out the stops to help the Syrian Refugees

On Wednesday 11th November 500 humanitarian aid packages will be loaded into a 40 foot container bound for Eastern Turkey to provide safe drinking water and alleviate the suffering of the Syrian refugees.

The 500 Aquaboxes which contain an Aquafilter – which turns contaminated water into safe drinking water- along with over 70 items of humanitarian aid, have been assembled and packed by our team of over 80 volunteers at the Aquabox Depot in Wirksworth over the past 2 months.

The Aquabox is designed to support a 5 person family unit and could therefore support 2500 refugees and provide at least 900,000 litres of safe drinking water.

To ensure that the aid reaches those who have the greatest need, boxes will be distributed by our trusted partner Hand in Hand for Syria.

In addition to the Syrian response, Aquabox despatched a further 500 boxes to the Philippines on the 6th November to support families caught up in the typhoon that recently struck the islands.

Aquabox is a Rotary supported community charity based in Wirksworth managed, almost entirely, by volunteers drawn from the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire region. These volunteers come to the Cromford Hill depot 4 days of the week to assemble and test the Aquafilters and to pack the Aquaboxes ready for despatch when a catastrophe strikes.

Aquabox has been in operation for 22 years. During this time it has despatched over 100,000 Aquaboxes to countries and regions of the world where a manmade or natural disaster has struck.

For further information please contact

Roger Cassidy
Aquabox Trustee
Tel 01629 820987
Mob 07771 810652


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Aquabox update for Nepal Earthquake

Aquabox has been working in Nepal for nearly two years and in that time has despatched over £100,000 of its humanitarian aid Gold boxes and Community Filters to already desperate communities and families there.

There is now a massive international aid effort to help meet the needs of those affected by the tragic earthquake and its aftermath that has devastated much of Nepal in the last few days. Aquabox has already set in hand it’s own response to this emergency situation.

Reports so far indicate that a minimum of 4000 people have lost their lives. Many more have been injured and have had their lives turned into turmoil. Regrettably, these numbers is likely to increase as emergency services and aid workers reach more remote areas.  In any emergency, it is the poor and the remote people and communities who are affected most.

Damage to infrastructure has been considerable. This makes the emergency services and aid responses all the more difficult. Ironically, the sheer scale of the international aid effort means that getting aid into the country is itself a problem. The earthquake is truly a natural disaster on a massive scale.

Aquabox has been sending its Gold boxes and Community Filters to Nepal over the past 18 months. Working with these Fire and Rescue Service of the South West of England and local Rotary in Nepal, Aquabox’s aid has already made significant contribution to promoting safe water and humanitarian aid supplies in remote areas in Nepal. Aquabox has established, reliable distribution partners in area already.

Aquabox now has ready 180 Gold boxes and 20 Community Filters ready and available for immediate air-freighting to Nepal when once flights are permitted.

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Aquabox update

Since completing the previous quarter’s shipments with 200 Aquabox Golds being sent to Rotary District 3292 Nepal in March, AQUABOX has continued its busy schedule.

In the past three months, our volunteer teams have packed 700 Aquabox Golds, with our volunteer AquaFilter assembly teams ensuring that each had a fully operational AquaFilter Family included in the box. All together, these boxes have provided emergency humanitarian aid to a minimum of 3.500 people and our AquaFilters will each produce a minimum of 16, 000 litres of safe drinking water.

In detail, we shipped 100 of these Aquabox Golds to Uganda, for distribution by our long standing partner organisation, CART. This Yorkshire based, voluntary charity also undertaken for a further 100 Aquabox Golds sent to Rwanda. Both countries remain badly affected by the aftermath of unrest and fighting, and CART’s work in supporting communities and offering shelter and education to children is as important today as it ever was. Aquabox’s humanitarian aid is a vital part of CART’s on-going commitment to these communities.

Aquabox also shipped during this quarter 500 Aquabox Golds to Turkey, working with the UK-based Muslim Aid organisation to ensure that this aid reached the most badly affected of the more than 1.5 million refugees from the civil war in Syria. The world has to keep up its efforts to support these often wholly innocent victims of these indiscriminate armed struggles, and Aquabox is proud to be part of those efforts.

We also are about to air freighted 5 AquaFilter Community units direct into Aleppo in Syria, via the Lebanon. These Communities are destined to support nearly 1000 people in that war torn city who are sheltering in three former school building. These people are from all communities formerly living peaceably together in the local area, Muslims, Christians and those of no faith. They are being supported on the ground by Marist Blues at Aleppo, Syria. Marist Blues write:

The city is completely encircled. There is risk of being taken away or killed. The people are afraid… A fear which depresses, which paralyses, which kills… So the question is posed : what do we do ? Flee, as so many families have done? Stay in place paralysed ? Act ? What to do?
“And those are a drop in a sea of displaced, homeless, stranded… but for us, they are names : Zeinab, Moustapha, Ali, etc… They have a face, they are a history, they are a look, a poem… For them and because of them, we take risks…”

Marist Blues are also supported by Rotarians in California, USA.

In total, Aquabox’s efforts to help in these diverse humanitarian crises has required donation funding of £88, 750.

THANKS TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS, SUPPORTERS and DONORS. Without this support, Aquabox would not be able to bring the Gift of Life to so many desperate people around the world.

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