Abbeydale Virtual Balloon Race

Abbeydale Rotary and Inner Wheel are entering a May Day virtual balloon race to raise funds for Aquabox, Whirlow Farm Trust and Sheffield Young Carers. It is a virtual race run by ecoracing using computer algorithms to determine the balloons positions.

Our race launches at midday on 1st May 2023 from Chicago and lasts 7 days.

Balloons can be purchased for £3 and you can buy as many as you like. You can customise your balloon’s shape, colour andhelium content and then track your customised balloons throughout the 7 day race as it moves subject to real life weather conditions.

The race is open to other organisations as well as Abbeydale Rotary.( ecoracing provide prizes to the overall winners:

  • 1st Prize – £100 Cash
  • 2nd Prize – Amazon Alexa/echo Dot 4th Generation)

Additionally we will also be providing prizes and vouchers for the 3 winning balloons purchased in support of our Abbeydale causes. For example Whirlow Farm will provide a Whirlow hamper for the competition.

You can also purchase a balloon as a gift for friends and family. So here is what we want you to do. Go to Ecoracing – Virtual Balloon Race for Charity & Fundraising

  1. Register/login
  2. Buy balloons through our page on the link(only £3 each).
  3. Decorate your balloon and choose what helium content and thickness may get your balloon to travel the furthest. This can be modified before the race.
  4. Watch the race start on 1st May at Midday.
  5. Login to track your balloons on their journey and see if any are in a winning position as many times as you want over the 7 days

Our fundraising target is £1500 to be divided by the 3 charities we are supporting.

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Abbeydale Rotary Welcomes Guests from BOCHUM-RENAISSANCE Rotary Club

Abbeydale Rotarians will be hosting visitors from their twin club in Bochum during May.

There will be a wonderful opportunity for other rotarians (and guests) to meet with the visitors at a celebration dinner on 28th May.

The dinner will be provided by the Whirlow Farm Trust who specialise in home grown/reared food. (See poster for booking details.)


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Rotary teams up with local food banks to fight hunger in South Yorkshire

A new initiative to supply hard-pressed food banks is up and running in Sheffield where Rotary has teamed up with the Trussell Trust team at Sheffield S6 to combat hunger in the city.

With roughly a quadrupling of demand for foodbank supplies, Sam Evans at Sheffield S6 Foodbank Hub says that, more than ever, the whole community is pulling together to help.  But, he fears, the issues of hunger and deprivation are not going to go away any time soon.

Sheffield S6, part of the Trussell Trust, now provides a distribution hub for seven foodbanks in the city. “We are currently distributing £10000 of food and essentials each week to some of the neediest in the community.  Last week alone we delivered to 314 households, providing for almost 800 people.  That’s around four times the volume for the same week last year.  And that number is rising,” says Sam.

The combination of Covid lockdown and the economic fallout has seen more families than ever struggling to make ends meet. Nationally the Trussell Trust has reported unprecedented demand for its services.

But a new initiative by Rotary is helping to ensure that the limited funds of many of the region’s foodbanks go further still.  Local club Abbeydale Rotary is part of the region-wide programme, Rotary4foodbanks, launched last month across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.

With money donated by clubs, supporters and from the foodbanks themselves, Rotary4foodbanks uses its buying expertise to source food for foodbanks at prices they could not achieve and also elicits donations from food processing companies. The scheme is supported by regional transport and logistics companies who provide staff and transport free of charge.  Goods are then sent from a central depot in Nottinghamshire to the Sheffield S6 hub and elsewhere. Local volunteers then distribute the supplies onwards to the individual foodbanks across Sheffield and Rotherham.

Says Graham Stevens of the Abbeydale Club: “It is a real team effort.  Smaller foodbanks can order supplies through Rotary4foodbanks and see their limited funds work harder.  In a real spirit of co-operation, Sheffield S6 warehouses the bulk supplies until they can be collected by or delivered to individual foodbanks.  Just this week Rotary4foodbanks delivered 3300 units of product – around 350 cases of porridge, tea, coffee and other essentials, on pallets to the Sheffield S6 hub.”

While the Rotary4foodbanks scheme is currently operating only in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, the plan is to roll it out more broadly.  “Our members tell us there is a crying need for a similar service to support foodbanks elsewhere in the country.  In the North East especially, Rotarians are looking to utilise the scheme to help meet that demand,” says the scheme’s co-ordinator, John Cavey.

Eventually, Rotary hopes that the government will also give financial backing to grow the scheme nationally.  “Until then,” says John, “we are relying on the generosity of the public and businesses to see us through.”

Sam Evans says: “Not just in the Sheffield region, but across the country generally, it looks likely that the problem is only going to get worse.  Supermarkets and Rotary have been brilliant in stepping up to the mark and we know they will continue to do so.  Here at Sheffield S6, we are looking to work even more closely with other local charities, businesses and individual volunteers to ensure that no-one goes hungry in South Yorkshire.”

Anyone wanting to help in the Rotary4foodbanks programme – or foodbanks requiring support – can contact John Cavey at or Tel: 07855 299443

Anyone needing food in Sheffield can contact S6 foodbank on Tel: 0114 321 0733.

Support the Rotary4foodbanks scheme by sharing this article and donating on our Just Giving page

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Abbeydale Charity Golf event 14th September

Rotary Club of Abbeydale are holding their


We are also pleased to remind everyone that our adopted charity is “WHIRLOW HALL FARM TRUST”

Last year our charity golf day raised no less than £4000 for Whirlow Hall Farm and we are delighted that we will be able to support them in 2018 and who knows, £4000 is just the start!

The Rotary Club of Abbeydale very much hope that you will be able to support this event, which past experience has shown to be a super sporting occasion as well as the opportunity to support a good cause.

If you want to play as a team, as an individual or just support us via sponsorship then please down load our entry form or call our tournament director Mr. Steve Wilkin on 0114 2670011.  Please visit the club website for further information

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Music in the Gardens

Music in the Gardens is a joint Rotary venture with 8 Clubs from Sheffield, Rotherham and North Derbyshire organising the 4-day musical festival in the Sheffield Botanical Gardens, from 2nd to 5th July.

This is the 10th Anniversary of the event and our programme of principal artists for this year is very exciting. below are details of the event in 2015.

In 2014, we handed out over £36,000 to charities, including Rotary Foundation.We are obviously aiming for more in 2015.

Some Clubs have already agreed to assist us on an evening either in stewarding or manning the Rotary Presence gazebo – basically marketing Rotary to the audiences. Regarding this, I have written to many of the South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Clubs asking for photographs that we might display showing the variety of activities we Rotarians get up to.

We would hope that Members might be able to persuade family, friends, neighbours etc. to come along to enjoy Music in the Gardens. Rotarians can acquire tickets at their face value as opposed to acquiring them from the ticketing agent SIV, who add on a booking fee.

The price of the tickets for the first 3 nights is £25 for an adult and £1 for a child under 12; and for the Sunday the price drops to £15 for adults.

To obtain tickets please do so through Rotarian Ian Ward of the Rotary Club of Dronfield – e-mail

Download (PDF, 1.3MB)

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