DG Peter M’s Musings – August 2013

Peter M’s Musings

Rotary International District 1220

Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

July 2013.

July has just flown by. It seems like yesterday when IPDG Dave placed the DGs Jewel over my head at the Novotel on 30th June, since then Rotary seems as if I have totally enveloped my life. No complaints though, “what a ride!”

Just wish there were a few more hours in each day or a couple of extra days in the week.

I have, since the first of July, had the pleasure of meeting, “on their home patch”, literally hundreds of friendly and dedicated Rotarians, as I started the schedule of the Official District Governors Visits. I have often been accompanied by a driver from my own Club and delighted to take Carol with me on many occasions.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my Club for their efforts in providing a member to accompany and chauffer me to all the Club Visits outside the ‘Derwent Group’ area. I know they have found the experience, visiting clubs, as interesting and rewarding as I have!

My predecessors have often spoken about the incredible breadth and depth of Service carried out by the Clubs that form our District. I have now seen for myself what they were talking about! I do though ask, “Why do we  keep it to ourselves?” So many of these Projects would be of interest to other Clubs in the District and they may well wish to emulate them in their patch.

Also I know you do not do Service in your community for the plaudits but, Rotary does need the publicity so as to attract those who will follow us into Rotary, those who are going to rise to the challenge and put Service Above Self in the future. Please consider telling the pubic in whatever way is appropriate of the things you do, they, the general public in our communities, are after all are frequently the source of revenue that enables us to carry out our Service Projects, surely they should know where their money is going. Lets tell “our story”!

One of the scariest things I have done this month was to bring greetings and best wishes from all of you to our sisters in Inner Wheel. The event was the Handover and Induction Rally of the Inner Wheel District 22 Chairman 2013-14, Carole O’Conner. Seeing a sea of Ladies, all their best frocks, was enough to frighten even the most hardened mere male!

I hope you are looking forward as much as I am to our District Conference, 4th to 6th October in Scarborough. The Conference Team I know, are all working very hard, under the expert leadership of Conference Director David Curtis, planning to put together a fantastic weekend but, of course, if you are not there it will be all for nothing! So please fill in those Conference Registration Forms either in paper or ‘on line’ and then prepared to be wowed by a weekend to remember!

‘Till next month, keep up your good works!

Peter M.
District Governor

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