Rhodesia, Worksop Creation of Wildlife Site

**Rotary Club Rotary Club of
Contact details Rotarian PDG
Peter Swinscoe
**Project Title Tylden Road Pond
– Rhodesia Pool Local Wildlife Site
**Beneficiary Bassetlaw
District Council in partnership with Rhodesia Parish Council – residents
and  local school
Contact details Rotarian PDG
Peter Swinscoe – Alan Withington and John Foster
District Council and Rhodesia Parish Council
Contact details John Foster, Open
Spaces Manager at BDC
**Background To turn a disused
pond and small surrounding area into an amenity and wildlife haven
Stakeholders will be the residents and children at the local school
Objectives To improve the area enormously
Scope of work A management plan
has already been published (including a botanical survey) and work will begin
with a Community Litter pick in April 2020.
Project Costing Originally
costing was £35,000 – at least half this money has been raised.
District Council and Rhodesia Parish Council have put in the majority of the
money raised up to now and supply/ payment for  materials required as the project goes
along will be sought
The Business partners have already committed themselves to the
project and its success is high
Constraints Given the Bassetlaw District Council is involved, largely the likely
constraints have been dealt with.  The
Rotary Club of Worksop is hoping to generate and keep up the local enthusiasm.
The Rotary Club will seek local help from local businesses
Terms and
A Memorandum of Understanding will be created between the parties
Key Assumptions So far as payment
for the project is concerned, it is assumed that since Bassetlaw District
Council intend the project to be completed since it has received wide
publicity and has invested a great deal of money
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