Wollaton Hall Walled Garden Project

**Rotary Club Wollaton Park
Contact details  
**Project Title Wollaton Hall Walled Garden – Restoration of Slip Gardens
**Project Needs Excavation of ground up to 1 metre. Approximately 2,000 sq. metres
**Beneficiary Friends of Wollaton Park
Contact details Alan Gardner
Business Partner(s) Name of Business Partner(s)
Contact details Contact details of Business Partner(s)
**Background Generational project to restore a stately home kitchen garden. A rare example of a heated walled garden. Of over 4.5 acres.
**Project Benefits An area of supporting land for the inner walled garden to accommodate composting, fruit tree nursery, honey production. Also create a roadway access.
Objectives To be completed during 2023.
Scope of work Require excavation equipment, crushing machine, plastic waste disposal, top soil, mechanical compaction equipment. Operators for the equipment will be required.
Project Costing Volunteer supported Grants received and applied for from English Heritage and Lottery for elements of the overall. Nothing yet for this particular project.
Material requirements As above
Success Criteria Completion of this element of the project by end of 2023.
Constraints Supply of machinery.
Terms and Conditions Details of mutually agreed terms and conditions probably covered by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). To include insurance cover, liabilities (pre & post project completion) and responsibilities
Key Assumptions A business partner(s) can be identified to complete the project.
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