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Aquabox continues to send out is humanitarian aid, thanks to the generosity of supporters and volunteers alike.

500 Aquabox Golds (each containing an AquaFilter Family unit, capable of sustaining a family group of 5 with all of their safe water needs for at least 20,000 litres / 6 months) have just been shipped to the Lebanon. Once there, they will be distributed to Syrian refugees by our partner organisation, Muslim Aid.

We will also be shipping 60 of our AquaFilter Community units, each for placing in schools, clinics and other shared facilities (and producing a minimum of 600, 000 litres of safe drinking water), to Lebanon in the coming week.

We then have 500 Aquabox Golds to ship to Rawanda, via or distribution partner organisation there, Christian African Relief Trust (CART).

Aquabox’s policy is to use local distribution partners in order to ensure that our aid reaches those in most need, and that they do so with support from a local NGO that they know and can trust. We think this is better for assuring effectiveness of aid than might be parachuting in individuals unfamiliar with local needs, traditions and circumstances. It also means that funds donated to us are spent directly on aid, rather than on travel for individuals.

There are regular Aquabox updates on our Rotary:Aquabox Facebook page, as many District Rotarians already know and access, of course.

on behalf of Aquabox trustees, John Dolan, RC Wirksworth

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