Rotary Working Shoulder to Shoulder with the Royal British Legion

Last year the Nottingham Branch of the Royal British Legion asked Rotary to help with their Annual Poppy collection.

The whole experience was so successful and resulted in a record amount collected and the Royal British Legion asked if Rotary would consider extending this partnership throughout the country.

It has now been adopted by RIBI as one of their recognised projects and it has been agreed by this year’s District Governors and District Community Officers to support this initiative. I will be meeting the Regional coordinators in Birmingham on 11 September.

Rotary`s role is to offer help if requested by the relevant local branch. We are not taking over all of the collecting, we are working together to assist where needed.

I am aware that some clubs have helped their local branches for years and this is excellent and the help is greatly appreciated. Long may it continue!

Royal British Legion branches will request help through their Community Fundraisers who are:.

Nottingham / Nottinghamshire: Bob Privett

Derby / Derbyshire: Christine Selden.

Requests for help will then be passed to PDG Val Leivers for Nottingham/ Nottinghamshire, AG Roger Summers for Derby / Derbyshire.

We have had meetings with both groups and have resolved the few issues that we encountered last year.

In most areas the collections will be from Saturday 27 October to Sunday 11 November.

This is an excellent community project and an opportunity to showcase Rotary. We can wear our Rotary tabards; T-shirts etc and speak to members of the public to show both organisations working together. Last year both organisations gained new members as a result of our liaison.

District Governor David Ashley fully supports this initiative.

Roger Summers and I will be contacting Rotary clubs when it is known where the help is needed. If in
the meantime if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me or Roger according to your

PDG Val Leivers


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