Digital Support

District 1220’s Digital Support program was started by District Governor Martyn Bye in 2022 in an effort to forge ahead with improving the District’s engagement with the public via social media and other forms of online presence.

We have been trialling the program with a small collection of our clubs since June 2021 and it is now time to welcome in more clubs who want to do better with their social media and other online facilities.

IT Consultant Alicia Reade ( provides a unique one-to-one adaptable consultancy and education program which is free to District 1220 members wishing to improve the online presence of their clubs.

Whether a beginner or more experienced online user, Alicia can patiently help you and your Rotary team to improve your marketing skills, learn the tricks of the trade, and advise on a wide range of digital issues as you engage with the community via social media, your website, and other online mediums.

Alicia is currently a member of the Rotary Global Hub and was formerly a member of the Rotary Club of Doncaster.

To express your interest in taking advantage of this free district service, please email

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