Examples of areas of need and potential projects

Care for the Elderly

Projects to combat loneliness

Working with Dementia Support groups e.g. “Memory Cafes”

Entertainment/Music projects in institutions and hospitals

Youth Development

Youth competitions in the arts and sport

Mock interviews in schools

Working with local sport clubs

Organising and assisting with fun runs and walks

Awards for young people contributing to their community

Support for RYLA activities

Skill Development

Promotion of adult literacy

Computer skill enhancement

Social Problems

Working with organisations giving support to victims of domestic violence

Assisting organisations helping the homeless

Supporting local Food Banks

Assisting centres trying to reduce drug and alcohol abuse/dependency

Cultural Activities

Working with local arts groups e.g. amateur dramatics, operatic societies and local art clubs


“Litter Picks”

Encouragement of civic pride through garden competitions/”Town in Bloom” events


Working with local hospitals to improve welfare of patients and hospital facilities

Support for local Hospices

Assistance with Health Awareness Programmes


Vocational Services Team 2014/15

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