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Our membership of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce (EMCC) presents so many opportunities for individual members and for clubs, to network with local businesses and entrepreneurs. From the Rotary perspective it allows us to raise our profile in the business community with the objective of involving more people of working age in Rotary. From the EMCC standpoint, it will hopefully give their members a channel by which they can achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements.

An important element of our involvement with the EMCC is having enthusiastic Rotarians who can identify suitable projects and/or participate in D1220s involvement in those projects.

In terms of the type of projects we are seeking, the following gives the basic criteria: –

  1. It must take place within the boundaries of D1220.
  2. It must have a designated Managing member from the nominating Rotary club.
  3. It must have identified and quantifiable objectives which provide benefit to the local community, the supporting Rotary Club and EMCC members.
  4. It must have a defined timescale, but the timescale can span more than one Rotary Year.
  5. It must be self-financing but can be considered for a District Grant if the project meets those requirements.
  6. It can be a joint project involving more than one club.

If you have an idea for a project which might meet the above criteria, or if you are prepared to be a part of a project, or if you simply would like to know more then please send your details to:

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to hearing from you.

The REC team (Rotary Engaging with Chamber)

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