DG Peter’s Musings – November 2013

A real roller coaster of a year!
I have now reached 54 Clubs visited and 16 Charters.
Meeting so many new friends; regrettably far too many to remember all your names, please forgive me when we meet again if I cannot recall yours instantly.

Past District Governors have spoken to me about the incredible breadth and depth of Service carried out by our Clubs. I now know what they were talking about! Also the enthusiasm is palpable when Clubs speak about the plans they have and Projects already in train.

My visit to Rotary Club of Church Wilne was interesting in a rather special way, the Club President Greg Maskalick, has adopted the practice of talking about various US Presidents and likening them to Rotarians. He chose to likened me to Abraham Lincoln the 16th US President, Greg who hails from the America, gave a jocular explanation of why he thought I was like him, much to the amusement of everyone in the room. I’m not sure but I believe it was an honour!

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire over late October and the first week of November were well supported by Rotarians from our Districts Clubs. We understand a record amount has been collected and final figure will be recorded on the District Website. Keep a look out.
The Local and Nation ‘Legion have expressed their sincere gratitude for our help.

I know you will all have seen the terrible devastation in the Philippines caused by Hurricane Haiyan in the early hours of the 8th November. Can I say a sincere “Thank You!’ to all those Rotarians who were galvanised into action, appearing on the streets and Supermarkets collecting money for the relief efforts led by Rotary’s Emergency Boxes, in particular our own AquaBox and of course ShelterBox. Please make sure we congratulate and thank our local communities for their generosity in any and everyway we can, plus telling them where the money has been spent.

Carol & I had the pleasure of attending the Rotary International “Foundation Seminar” and “Rotary Institute” held in UK this year at Horwood House Hotel, Little Horwood, Buckinghamshire, just outside Milton Keynes, although you would hardly know you were close to MK, ‘cause the hotel is situated in beautiful rolling countryside. This three-day weekend event is by way of a review of all things Rotary, new initiatives and other newsworthy items and how we are doing as an organization against our goals and the RI Strategic Plan.

The highlights of the Foundation Seminar, were the review of the implementation of the Foundation New Grants Model worldwide, the lessons and difficulties and problems this has thrown up, plus the remarkably positive publicity the resulting bigger projects are generating, and how many of the world’s significant charity benefactors and humanitarian Foundations are joining us with some of these initiatives. Progress with Polio Eradication was also covered, in particularly how we are tackling and are determined to eliminate the outbreaks in the Horn of Africa and Syria, plus the lessons learnt from the transfer of Polio from the three endemic countries into these two areas and how we must try and avoid it spreading into other vulnerable countries including, surprisingly, the UK!!

The two-day Rotary Institute covered many interesting topics, the two significant highlights were, first, the speech by Justine Greening the Governments Secretary of State for International Development, first she announced she was a Rotarian and supported and praised Rotary’s humanitarian activities. She then announced the first £100M of the £300M pledged by the UK Government to support the Polio Eradication Endgame Programme had been released in part to support the massive immunisation initiative underway in the Horn of Africa to halt the outbreak there. She also announced her Departments Officials were looking at other ways to work with Rotary in some of its major humanitarian projects and initiatives. Normally I am skeptical at politicians’ announcements but this all seemed to be positive from Rotary’s perspective and supported by facts.

The second highlight was on the Sunday morning, Remembrance Sunday. The two minutes silence at Eleven O’clock was followed by an hour of spellbinding narrative by Zigi Slipper a Holocaust survivor. He spoke of his experiences all without any bitterness or hatred, a really moving and unforgettable moment. At the conclusion of his speech was followed by a young musician playing a violin rendition of the theme from Schindlers List, there was not a dry eye in the room!

American Airlines have a competition to give away 10 million air miles, all Rotarians and anyone else can vote once a day until the 31st December for Rotary to be the winner, last viewing showed Rotary in second place. The air-miles will be used for Foundation purposes such as funding poorer scholars to get from home to their Host locations, and for medical teams going out for humanitarian projects overseas, none will be used for official travel by staff or officers! It is free so get voting via: http://10millioncharitymiles.com

Finally, one of our RIBI Districts, District 1290 has produced a song for Christmas a single called Christmas Time, (Children Sing) which has reached number 10 in the Amazon chart and Rotarians around the world are now downloading it with the proceeds going to our Rotary Foundation. Rotarians in our District help keep up the momentum by downloading the song for 79 pence by clicking below if you haven’t already done so.

As this is my final newsletter before the festive season may I wish you and your family a Great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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DG Peter’s Newsletter

August to October 2013

Three months more have just flown by.

I have, since the publication of my first newsletter of July, had the pleasure of meeting, “on their home patch”, many hundreds more of our friendly and dedicated Rotarians, as the schedule of the Official District Governors Visits continued. I have now reached 46 Clubs visited and 10 Charters.

My own Club have been magnificent in their support, providing a driver on most occasions and for Charters the drivers have often taken their partners to accompany Carol & me.

I know those members of my Club who have accompanied me have found the experience, visiting clubs, both as interesting and rewarding as I have!

August seems to have been a month of Club Visits, each one unique and enjoyable and I thank all of you who have welcomed me, for your kindness, hospitality, attention and company.

September had as well as Club Visits the added spice of Carol & I attending the four District Conferences. The first was with District 1160 (Ireland), held in a Castle just outside Dublin. A great weekend full of the legendary Irish hospitality although they did require me to speak on the Sunday. The compere for the weekend was one who had to introduce each speaker with a quip or two, some barbed. I was holding my breath as to what he would say when it was my turn. In the end he said he had tried to find out some black secrets about me and had failed and all he could say was, “I had a lovely wife!’ Now how does one respond to that!

The conference included some excellent speakers including ‘Bono’, via a video link together with a U2 band member David Howell Evans, better known as “The Edge”, his father, a Rotarian, arranged this coup. It was superb presentation linked together with movie clips and photographs showing all Bono and U2 do by way of humanitarian activities, very impressive!

The next weekend was our District Conference in Scarborough, 4th to 6th October.

By all accounts from the feedback it was a great Conference. I cannot find suitable words to thank the Conference Team enough for all they did, led ably and expertly by Conference Director David Curtis, they put together such a fantastic weekend but, of course, if you were not there it would have been all for nothing! So thank all of you who supported me so magnificently.

After 4 more Club Visits we found ourselves at District 1200s District Conference at a Hotel in the Cotswolds, a lovely venue only spoilt by the main functions being held in a large tent (marque) and when it rained, as it did very often, the noise nearly drowned out (pardon the pun!) the speakers. The theme of the Conference was “Encouraging and Celebrating the Spirit of Youth”. The speakers were excellent in their fields of expertise and very inspirational which made the Conference, whilst enjoyable and moving, somewhat serious too.

We got home late Sunday, thank goodness for washing machines! And after four more Club visits we were off to Jersey for the final District 1140 Conference, held at the Hotel de France. (Final because they are joining with an adjoining District ending up with 110 Rotary Clubs in total!) The whole Conference was accommodated in the one Hotel, a really huge building with something like 450 bedrooms.

‘A Conference with a difference’. Much fun and laughter but too many Charity Speakers seeking money from Rotary for my taste.
The following week included three Club Visits, a slot on Radio Derby talking about World Polio Day and Rotary’s “Polio Plus” Polio Eradication Programme.

Carol & I then drove to Bradford for the Annual Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminar preceded by an evening Banquet attended by the two classes of Peace Scholars, outgoing and incoming, and their Hosts and other guests including the new (third week in post) Pro Vice Chancellor of Bradford University. A very interesting man, not just an Academic but also successful Researcher and Businessman to boot.

We had the privilege of sitting at dinner with our Districts distance hosted Peace Scholar for 2013-14, a charming young lady from Florence (Firenze) in Italy, Caterina Becorpi. Someone who I hope we will see a great deal of whilst she is in our Country. I cannot better the hackneyed phrase, she is a superb ambassador for Rotary and her Country.

If you have not attended one of these Bill Huntley Memorial Peace Seminars, I urge you to give serious consideration to going next year, they really do explain, using the words of the Peace Scholars themselves, why this Rotary Programme is so important and worthwhile, there have been some positive and demonstrable benefits and achievements in ‘the field’ by past Scholars already and I am sure we will see many more in the future. Unfortunately by its very nature, conflict resolution cannot receive too much open high profile publicity.

To finish off the month, Sunday 27th Carol & I attended the annual get together lunch of the sages of our District, the Past District Governors. They expect a progress report from their Governor and also to take this opportunity to send off the DGE with our good wishes to his training Seminar in San Diego. My, in my case that seems such a long time ago (11 months). The lunch was a very relaxing and enjoyable way to round off a busy week.

The last few days of October maintained the pace, with three Club Charters on consecutive nights! All very enjoyable, so I thank all the attendees for your kindness and hospitality. This year has been a fantastic rollercoaster ride of experiences and its not even half over yet!

‘Till the next edition, keep up your good works!

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Thankyou for attending conference

As District Governor 2013/2014 I would like to thank all delegates who attended this District’s 42nd Annual Conference. From the feed-back we have had from you it seems it was a great success with the quality of the speakers, the clean comedian John Evans, wonderful entertainment from the violinist Kate Chruscicka, the fantastic stage show “That’ll Be The Day”, and of course our special guest at the lunch on Saturday the Rt Hon Michael Portillo.

We did promise you it would be sunny in Scarborough for Conference and although it was not as hot as two years ago at least it was dry and considering the awful storms we have had since, we were very lucky with the weather.

We reintroduced the Saturday afternoon breakout sessions including a Chocolatier for our partners, and tried something new such as finishing on Sunday with that outstanding entertainer Richard Digance.

I mentioned a couple of items in the Conference Registration Form many months ago that I would like to share with you again. First of all, as Rotarians you work hard for others throughout the year; you deserve a relaxing break. From the feedback you benefitted from being revitalised and inspired. I am sure that this Conference’s content will continue to inspire you over the next year. Secondly, this year’s Conference theme was “Together WE WILL Achieve”. I firmly believe working together we can, nay will, achieve so much more. Continue and expand the tremendous work you already do both in your local communities and also overseas. Rotary needs us all to build the future foundations of our wonderful organisation, let’s do it together!

Thank you once again for the support you gave me at Conference, the BUZZ and energy from you, the Audience, enabled all those performers ‘on stage’ to raise their game, making a good Conference great!

Peter M.

Next year’s Conference will be held in Llandudno on 3rd – 5th October 2014


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DG Peter M’s Musings – August 2013

Peter M’s Musings

Rotary International District 1220

Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

July 2013.

July has just flown by. It seems like yesterday when IPDG Dave placed the DGs Jewel over my head at the Novotel on 30th June, since then Rotary seems as if I have totally enveloped my life. No complaints though, “what a ride!”

Just wish there were a few more hours in each day or a couple of extra days in the week.

I have, since the first of July, had the pleasure of meeting, “on their home patch”, literally hundreds of friendly and dedicated Rotarians, as I started the schedule of the Official District Governors Visits. I have often been accompanied by a driver from my own Club and delighted to take Carol with me on many occasions.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to my Club for their efforts in providing a member to accompany and chauffer me to all the Club Visits outside the ‘Derwent Group’ area. I know they have found the experience, visiting clubs, as interesting and rewarding as I have!

My predecessors have often spoken about the incredible breadth and depth of Service carried out by the Clubs that form our District. I have now seen for myself what they were talking about! I do though ask, “Why do we  keep it to ourselves?” So many of these Projects would be of interest to other Clubs in the District and they may well wish to emulate them in their patch.

Also I know you do not do Service in your community for the plaudits but, Rotary does need the publicity so as to attract those who will follow us into Rotary, those who are going to rise to the challenge and put Service Above Self in the future. Please consider telling the pubic in whatever way is appropriate of the things you do, they, the general public in our communities, are after all are frequently the source of revenue that enables us to carry out our Service Projects, surely they should know where their money is going. Lets tell “our story”!

One of the scariest things I have done this month was to bring greetings and best wishes from all of you to our sisters in Inner Wheel. The event was the Handover and Induction Rally of the Inner Wheel District 22 Chairman 2013-14, Carole O’Conner. Seeing a sea of Ladies, all their best frocks, was enough to frighten even the most hardened mere male!

I hope you are looking forward as much as I am to our District Conference, 4th to 6th October in Scarborough. The Conference Team I know, are all working very hard, under the expert leadership of Conference Director David Curtis, planning to put together a fantastic weekend but, of course, if you are not there it will be all for nothing! So please fill in those Conference Registration Forms either in paper or ‘on line’ and then prepared to be wowed by a weekend to remember!

‘Till next month, keep up your good works!

Peter M.
District Governor

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DG Dave’s final newsletter

Dave’s Diary 

The Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

30th June 2013

June has been a funny old month. The love hate relationship I have with technology has got no better. It started with my car breaking down and me having to wait almost five hours for the recovery service to arrive. (A long story) It followed with me dropping my mobile phone into the water butt on my allotment and ended with my computer crashing just after my return from the RI Convention in Lisbon resulting in me losing lots of data.

As I start to write this, my last newsletter, as District Governor at 5.50am on the last day of June and looking forward to the District Handover at lunchtime today, I have been reflecting on my year in office. I did not set out with a big shopping list of things that I wanted to achieve, but I did ask that Clubs should give attention to their local communities, as indeed DG Gordon had done the previous year. In that aim I am sure I have been successful.

I also wanted to improve the relationship between the District and the Clubs, something that I perceived as being lacking. To this extent I have attempted to improve the format of District Council meetings, with various changes being made over the year, introducing speakers from Clubs bringing forward projects they have been involved with etc. I have also tried wherever possible to reduce the formality of meetings, ensuring that they achieve their aims whilst at the same time creating a sense of togetherness. I hope I have achieved this, but that is for the membership to decide.

The year has been full of activity for myself and Gail. We have attended literally hundreds of meetings and events together and I have been to many more myself. We have been made extremely welcome by all the clubs in the District and to thank everyone involved for this.

There have been many highlights – The GSE Team exchange with Nepal, the District Conference, the Hospice to Hospice Walk, the club meetings and charters, the fund raising events, visits to the Inner Wheel, the social occasions etc etc. I could go on.
I would like to take the opportunity of thanking every Rotarian in the District and all our friends and supporters for all the friendship and support they have given and for their messages of goodwill to Gail and myself as we come to the end of our year in office.

Finally may I wish DGE Peter every success as he takes on the role as Governor of District 1220 for 2013/14 seeking to “Engage Rotary Change Lives.” I am confident that you will give him and his wife Carol the same level of support and encouragement that Gail and I have received.

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DG Dave’s June Newsletter

Dave’s Diary 

The Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

31st May 2013

Sponsored Walk for Bluebell Wood and Rainbows

Well, we did it. Andy Ledbetter (Dronfield), Kevin Brown (Sherwood Sunrisers), Owen Briggs (Ripley) and myself walked the whole route from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows. Phil Stone walked three days of it but in addition walked 26 kms whilst on holiday in Spain the week before – just so he could say he had done the full distance.

We were joined by members and supporters from at least fourteen Rotary Clubs. In addition my two daughters Nicola and Sarah with their four children Maddie, Francesca, Xanthe and Sebastian (together with quite a few family friuends) all came and joined the walk in the Belper area – with banners and baloons creating a real party atmosphere at a time when I was feeling very sore and tired. I’m not sure exactly how many people ended up walking a part of the route with us, but it was well over thirty. Thanks to all of you.

As well as the walkers, on the final day, my sons in law Craig McAughtrie and Chris Tatham, together with Chris’s brother John and a friend “Nog” rode their bikes from Belper to Bluebell Wood and then on to Rainbows – a total of 107 miles for the same cause. The hope was that they would arrive at Rainbows about the same time as the walkers.

As Gail and Carey Toplass leading in the support car and all the walkers reached a point about 100 yards away from Rainbows Steve Lawes said to me, “Wouldn’t it be great if the cyclists turned up now.” As they had been out of contact all day we had no idea where they were, but I happened at that moment to turn and look behind me – just in time to see all four of them come riding into view. We were then all able to enter Rainbows en mass.

Our reception there was great with bunting and lines of people, staff, supporters, residents and their families, all cheering us on as we arrived. We then enjoyed a cream tea reception which was a great way of rounding off the four days. Rainbows are also having a glass brick in their wall dedicated to the walk.

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of the walkers, the cyclists, the support crew (Sean Murphy, Gail and Carey) and all the people and clubs that have contributed towards this project, for their invaluable contribution to the fund raising cause and also equally importantly to the sense of fellowship that developed during the walk. Apologies that I cannot name them all individually.

I am not able to give a precise amount we have raised just yet as contributions are still coming in. Suffice it to say that we have achieved and exceeded our target of £5,000. If you have any contributions still to make, please let me have them asap so that we can finalise the accounts.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you

District Conference

Yet another reminder – District Conference at Scarborough is fast approaching. The dates are Friday, 4th to Sunday 6th October. If you have not booked yet then do it now – don’t be left out. You are guaranteed a fantastic weekend of Rotary Fellowship, presentations, inspirational speakers and a fantastic House of Friendship.

Talking of Speakers, if you wish to hear Michael Portillo speak, then you MUST book for the lunch – it is a complete package. If you do not book the lunch you will not be able to hear Michael Portillo speak.


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DG Dave’s May Newsletter

Dave’s Diary 

The Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

1st May 2013

Sponsored Walk for Bluebell Wood and Rainbows

Well, it’s almost time for the start of the sponsored walk and cycle ride from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows a distance of about 65 to 70 miles in total. Up to about two dozen Rotarians and non Rotarians have signed up to walk or ride at least a part of the way, with about half that number hopefully doing the entire distance.

A number of clubs have already given me donations towards the walk and I know that others intend to do so. Personal sponsorships are also coming in. We do now have a “Just Giving” page on the internet where you may make donations direct. The website is http://www.justgiving.com/hospice2hospice By logging onto this website you can make a donation using a credit or debit card, in complete safety. It will go to Bluebell Wood direct, however, overall the total proceeds will be split evenly between the two hospices.

This week by the way is Childrens’ Hospice Week so there should be lots of publicity about hospices in the media. A good time to add our voice to it. I shall be putting something on my blog at least once a day if not more. Andy Ledbetter from Dronfield is doing Facebook page which he will update several times perday – no doubt reporting on the number of blisters!

I would like to thank everyone who has become involved in any way from planning, donating, walking, meeting us at the end of each day etc etc. I would particularly like to thank my two sons in law Craig McAughtrie and Chris Tatham together with a couple of their friends who are doing a 100 mile sponsored bike ride from Belper, to Bluebell Wood to Rainbows on Monday 6th May, to hopefully meet up with the walkers at the end of the walk. They are raising a lot of money in sponsorship.

If you have not done so already, please make a donation towards this event. Cheques can be sent to me and made payable to “The Rotary Club of Belper and Duffield”.

Handover Lunch

The District Handover lunch this year will be held at the Novotel, Bostocks Lane, Long Eaton on Sunday, 30th June. This is the occasion when I hand over the stewardship of the District into the very capable hands of Rtn Peter Moralee from Bretby Club. Awards etc are also presented to individuals and clubs on this occasion. Please make sure your club is represented. The cost is £16.00 per person.

I have just circulated all clubs & District Team with full details and a booking form. If you do not receive a booking form then please contact me direct.

Rotary & Inner Wheel Thanksgiving Service

The annual Rotary and Inner Wheel Thanksgiving Service has been arranged and will take place this year on Sunday, 16th June, 2013 at the Parish Church of All Saints, Church Street, Ripley, Derbyshire at 2.30pm.
I think you will find the service relevant and enjoyable. Refreshments will be served at the back of the church immediately after the service.

I would love to meet as many Rotarians and their families as possible at this service. It is in fact Father’s Day (so I am told) and it would be great to see lots of families present.

The church is more or less in the centre of Ripley and car parking is available either on the market place, which is very close by or there is a further car park on Moseley Street (adjacent to the church). Other car parks are located in various parts of the town centre. Payment unfortunately is required even on a Sunday.

District Conference

Although it seems to me as if we have only just held the last District Conference, the time is fast approaching to be thinking about, if not booking for the next one. The 2013 Conference is being held in Scarborough and as you will know if you attended the recent District Assembly, during the weekend of the conference it is going to rain right across District 1220 and the sun is going to shine in Scarborough. The dates for Conference are Friday, 4th to Sunday 6th October.

I know that DGE Peter and his Conference Director have a lot of new ideas for this year. The entertainment and the speakers that have been booked are first rate and it looks like being a fantastic weekend away. If your club has not yet booked and sorted out its accommodation, then do it straight away.

RIBI – Reorganisation

For those of you who take an interest in national and international issues affecting Rotary, then you will no doubt recall that some time ago a resolution was passed at RIBI level to get rid of the General Council and to replace it with an RIBI Board and a District Governors’ Forum, subject to approval by RI. The vote has just been held at the Council on legislation and the proposal did not receive the necessary two thirds majority and so has been rejected. It is therefore now unlikely that the planned changes will proceed.

I hope to be in a position to give a fuller account of the situation at the next District Council meeting on 13th June.

Diary Dates

3rd – 6th May Sponsored Walk from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows by DG and Others (see above)
Sunday, 5th May District Young Musician Concert at Derby Assembly Rooms
Thursday, 13th June District Council at Novotel, Long Eaton at 7.30pm
Sunday, 16th June Rotary and Inner Wheel Thanksgiving Service at All Saints Parish Church, Church Street, Ripley at 2.30pm. Light refreshments in the church afterwards. (see above)
23rd – 26th June RI Convention at Lisbon, Portugal.
Sunday, 30th June District Handover lunch at Novotel, Long Eaton.
4th – 6th October District Conference at Scarborough

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DG Dave’s April Newsletter

Dave’s Diary 

The Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

1st April 2013

Sponsored Walk for Bluebell Wood and Rainbows

Thanks to all the clubs and individuals, Rotarians and non-Rotarians, who have already sent me sponsorship for the forthcoming Hospice to Hospice Walk (3rd to 6th May 2013). Information Sheets and Sponsorship forms have been distributed to all Rotary Clubs recently both by email and on paper. I look forward to the team of walkers receiving as much support – financial and moral – as possible.
All proceeds will be devoted in equal parts to Bluebell Wood Hospice near Sheffield and Rainbows Hospice at Loughborough. My target is an ambitious £5,000 – please help us to achieve it.

There is a core team of about six or seven Rotarians (including one potential Rotarian ! ) doing the walk which is about 65 miles in length, but we welcome having anyone else come along to join us for any part of the trip. Offer to join us for part of the walk and offers of help are now coming in and we shall start looking for publicity for the event shortly.

Any cheques should be made payable please to “The Rotary Club of Belper and Duffield”. All queries about the walk should be directed to me please.

Diary Dates

Date Event
12th – 14th April RIBI Conference at Harrogate
Friday, 19th April District Race Night at Southwell
Saturday, 20th April District Assembly, Nottingham Trent University
3rd – 6th May Sponsored Walk from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows by DG and Others
Sunday, 5th May District Young Musician Concert at Derby Assembly Rooms
Sunday, 16th June Rotary and Inner Wheel Thanksgiving Service at All Saints Parish Church, Church Street, Ripley at 3pm. Refreshments afterwards. (This is Fathers Day so families are extremely welcome)
23rd – 26th June RI Convention at Lisbon, Portugal

District Quiz

The finals of the District Quiz were Held at Horsley Lodge Golf Course, home of the Rotary Club of Heanor, on Tuesday, 26th March, with the Rotary Club of Bretby coming out as winners for the third year in succession. Many congratulations to Bretby on this achievement. Newark were in second place just one point behind with Sherwood Forest and West Bridgford sharing third place, again, just one point behind Newark.

Mike Storr, Rotary Club of Carlton worked really hard organising this event, writing the questions, preparing the question sheets etc, booking the venue and acting as the quizmaster on the night and he deserves a big “thank-you” for all his efforts. The quiz was a great success and a fantastic evening of Rotary fellowship. I would also like to thank the considerable number of members of the Rotary Club of Heanor and various other people for attending to offer support. It was a great social occassion and one that I shall make a point of going to next year. Congratulations to everyone concerned.

Presidential Citation

Any club that wishes its efforts during this Rotary year to be recognised by Rotary International by virtue of a Presidential Citation should send their completed “Presidential Citation” application form to me by no later than 15th April 2013. Forms were distributed to all Club Presidents prior to the start of the year, together with an explanatory leaflet. If you have mislaid your copy, you can download it from the RI Website. Just type in “Presidential Citation” in the search box and it will bring up all the necessary information.

I know from going round the clubs that many of them have achieved all that is necessary for the Citation. This is the best way of letting RI know that we are working hard in these islands for the good of our local and international communities.

If you have not yet applied, now is the time – Do it now!

District Assembly

The District Assembly will be held at the Clifton Campus of Nottingham Trent University on the morning of Saturday, 20th April 2013. Apart from the initial Plenary Session where we will hear from next year’s District Governor Peter, there are also individual sessions for all club officers (Incoming Presidents, Presidents Elect for 2013/14, Secretaries, Treasurers, Membership, MPRC, International, Community/Vocational, New Generations, Foundation) There is also a session for any new Rotarians, ie those that have joined in the last 12 months or so who would like to know how Rotary ticks.

In a change from previous years and in an effort to gain an insight into how many people will be attending each session, clubs this year are being asked to pre-register. Please make sure you complete the necessary form and return it well in advance of the Assembly and remember to sign in on the day.

John Barker and the Leadership Development and Training Team have been working really hard to make sure that the Assembly is a complete success, but I would just ask you to remember that the facilitators in the groups are just Rotarians like you and me – not necessarily in their comfort zone but doing their best to do a good job for you!

Dave Ashley

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DG Dave’s March Newsletter

Dave’s Diary 

The Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

1st March 2013

Sponsored Walk for Bluebell Wood and Rainbows

As I have mentioned previously I am planning to walk from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows to raise fund for these two hospices. The arrangements for the walk have now been more or less finalised. There have been some changes to the route that we originally originally thought. The planned itinerary at present is :-

Date Time Activity Location
Friday May 3rd 9am Arrive Bluebell Wood Hospice – send off party
11am Depart Bluebell Wood Hospice
5pm Arrive The Proact Stadium, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield
Saturday May 4th 9am Depart The Proact Stadium, Sheffield Road, Chesterfield
12.30pm Arrive The Temple Hotel, Temple Walk, Matlock Bath
2pm Depart The Temple Hotel, Temple Walk, Matlock Bath
5.30pm Arrive The Lion Hotel, Bridge Street, Belper
Sunday May 5th 10am Depart The Lion Hotel, Bridge Street, Belper
1pm Arrive The Queen’s Counsel, Market Place, Ilkeston
2pm Depart The Queen’s Counsel, Market Place, Ilkeston
4.30pm Arrive Cafe Zing, High Street, Long Eaton
Monday May 6th 8am Breakfast Cafe Zing, High Street, Long Eaton
9am Depart Cafe Zing, High Street, Long Eaton
4pm Arrive Rainbows Hospice, Lark Rise, Loughborough

The total distance of the walk is in the region of 65 miles.

Joining me for all or part of the walk will be the District Sergeant at Arms, Owen J. Briggs, Rtn Andy Ledbetter of Dronfield Club, Rtn. David Turner of Kirkby in Ashfield Club, Rtn. Roger Sissons of RC of Ilkeston, Phil Stone from Ilkeston and Rtn Tim Wherly of the Derby club.

Anyone else who would like to take part is very welcome. If members of any club are able to join us en route at any stage that would be great. Please let me know.

We would be immensely grateful to any Rotarians who feel able to support us financially in this venture and to this end I have attached a sponsorship form to this newsletter that can be used by any club or any individual.

There is also now the opportunity for any cyclists among us to cycle from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows on Monday 6th May, hopefully arriving about the same time as the walkers. My two son in laws, Craig and Chris have “volunteered” to do this. If you are interested please let me know.

If anyone would like to know anything further about this walk please do get in touch.  Thank you.

H2H Walk – Sponsorship form

Club Visioning

Noel Harrison, the District Membership Services Chairman has now circulated all clubs with the opportunity to take part in “Visioning” and has had a number of clubs already asking to take part. It is a simple process that clubs can undertake to establish their long term goals, identify projects they would like to be undertaking etc etc over a five year period. It then offers the opportunity to prepare an Action Plan to achieve these goals. The experience of clubs in other parts of the world is that members have felt re-energized and membership has increased.

If your club wants to take part – and all members must want to be involved – then get in touch with Noel. We have teams trained and ready to assist, just waiting for the call.

Rotary Day – 23rd February

Rotary Day – our organisation’s 108th birthday – has just past. I trust that all Clubs in the District recognised this event in some way. I know that many were out on the streets collecting for the polio campaign. There are still some clubs that have not taken advantage of having a box or two of the pin-on crocuses for use at collections. If your club is one of them please give me a call and I will get a box to you. If your club did something – big or small – please let me know by email so I can get a picture of the whole District.

Rotary Foundation and “End Polio Now”

My last task in February was attending the District Foundation Grants Seminar. Forty clubs attended in order to gain the necessary qualification to be able to avail themselves of grants under the “Future Vision” structure. One of the issues that was raied a number of times was that our giving to Foundation over recent years has been on a downward path. If we wish to have the funds available in District for our projects than it is necessary for us to reverse this trend and increase our giving, more to the recommended level. (Next year £47 per person)

Please do your bit to achieve this figure. And remember Clubs that do not make a sufficient contribution will not be able to avail themselves of the funds.

As I have gone round the District I have been stressing the need to keep up donations to the “End Polio Now” campaign which is still vital to ensure eradication. With only two cases of polio reported in the last two and a half months we can really now see that we are in the final stages of the project. Don’t let it fail now.

Talking about fund raising for Polio, don’t forget the Race Evening at Southwell Racecourse on Friday, 19th April 2013. This event last year was a great success in every respect (except the weather which was just a bit chilly). Let’s make it even better this year.

Diary Dates

Date Event
Wednesday 13th March District Foundation Link Evening at The Civic Centre,Mansfield, 7pm for 7.30pm
Sunday 24th March Paul Harris Fellows Lunch – Novotel
Tuesday 26th March District Quiz Final, Horsley lodge
Wednesday 27th March District Council Meeting at The Novotel at 7.30pm
Friday 19th April District Race Night at Southwell
Saturday 20th April District Assembly, Nottingham Trent University
3rd – 6th May Sponsored Walk from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows by DG and Others
Sunday 5th May District Young Musician Concert at Derby Assembly Rooms
Sunday 16th June Rotary and Inner Wheel Thanksgiving Service at All Saints Parish Church, Church Street, Ripley at 3pm. Refreshments afterwards.

Dave Ashley

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DG Dave’s February Newsletter

Dave’s Diary 

The Monthly Newsletter of the District Governor

2nd February 2013

Club Visioning

It is almost six weeks since my last newsletter which you will recall I sent out early so that you received it before Christmas. Well this one is a few days late, as I have held it back so that I could give an update on the “Club Visioning” Initiative. I have just returned from a District Training Session, led by Peter Davey, the Chair of the RIBI Membership Committee, assisted by Noel Harrison (Sherwood Sunrisers) and Ian Young (Hucknall).
There were ten Rotarians present who have volunteered to act as Visioning Facilitators.

We are only the second District in RIBI to undergo the training and it means that we now have a pool of trained facilitators, all ready and waiting to assist Clubs.

District 1220 is now is a position to roll out Visioning to Clubs and Noel will, within the next few days, be making contact with Club Secretaries, advising them in simple terms of what it is about and offering them the opportunity to apply for it. I would stress that no-one from the District will be suggesting that any particular club should undergo the process. It is entirely up to individual clubs to identify whether or not they think it might be advantageous to them in terms of club programme, public image, project development etc. and thereby, long term, their membership.

Make a point of getting hold of Noel’s information and make sure that your club is therefore aware of what is on offer.

The “End Polio Now” Campaign

Rotary Day is looming large. A number of clubs accepted my offer of purchasing pin-on crocuses for sale inn their area. Many people that I have spoken to over recent weeks however are still either not aware of them or do not understand what they are for.
The basic idea is that just as the poppy is associated with the Royal British Legion and Remembrance Sunday and the daffodil is associated with Marie Curie Cancer Care, then we want the crocus to become associated with Rotary and the “End Polio Now” campaign.

Rotary day on 23rd February is an ideal opportunity to push the crocuses out to your local community. Please let me know if you are interested.

I shall be taking delivery next week of a number of pull-up banners, posters and Rotary newspapers that relate to the “End Polio Now” campaign. These are all excellent PR materials and are available to clubs. If you have any events coming up and can lay on
a display about the campaign please let me know and I will make sure you get the material.

Talking still about the “End Polio Now” campaign, earlier this week Bill Gates delivered the Dimbleby lecture that was featured in full on BBC 1. His speech was all about the need to finish the job of eradicating polio. It was a very stirring speech, in which
he made very positive mention of the valuable contribution that all the members of Rotary International had made towards the campaign. He also stated that he believed that, with appropriate funding, the last case involving the wild polio virus would be achieved by the end of 2015. Time will tell on that, but if anyone is in a position to know, then he is.

Let us in District 1220 do our level best to make an appropriate contribution to the funding shortfall and lets finish the job and move on to the next.


The RIBI Re-Districting Plan that was the subject of much healthy debate towards the end of last year was presented to the RI Board last month and was accepted in it’s entirety. The RIBI team appointed to address this issue will no doubt therefore shortly begin a detailed re-examination of all the various issues to do with the subject and have undertaken to communicate with the membership before any decisions are taken. So watch this space.


Gail and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sent Gail their best wishes following her recent fall on the stairs at home. She is now more or less fully recovered and back to chasing me around and keeping me on the straight and narrow.
Thanks again.

Diary Dates

Monday 4th February District Officer Preparation Session at The Novotel. 7pm for 7.15pm
Sunday 17th February Presidents Elect Planning Seminar at The Derbyshire Hotel. 8.45am till 1pm (Bacon sandwiches on arrival)
Tuesday 19th February Group Study Exchange Team leaves for Nepal
Tuesday 26th February Rotary Young Chef Competition. Charnwood Academy Kirkby in Ashfield
Wednesday 27th February — ditto —
Wednesday 13th March District Foundation Link Evening at The Civic Centre Mansfield 7pm for 7.30pm
Sunday 24th March Paul Harris Fellows Lunch
Tuesday 26th March District Quiz Final at Horsley lodge
Wednesday 27th March  District Council Meeting at The Novotel at 7.30pm
Friday 19th April  District Race Night at Southwell
Saturday 20th April  District Assembly  Nottingham Trent University
4th – 6th May  Sponsored Walk from Bluebell Wood to Rainbows by DG and Others
Sunday 16th June  Rotary and Inner Wheel Thanksgiving Service at All Saints Parish Church Church Street Ripley at 3pm. Refreshments afterwards.

DG Dave Ashley

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