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Rotary Dictionary for Life Project

To help with their personal development, youngsters at Christ Church CofE Primary School, Stonegravels, Chesterfield, have received a personal copy of an Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary, courtesy the Rotary Club of Chesterfield.

Chesterfield Rotary President Ian Gaunt visited the school to present personal copies of the dictionary to the leaving pupils in Year 6 at the school’s weekly Family Assembly on Friday 3 July 2015.

Dictionaries Christ Church School 2015a

Pictured are the children with their dictionaries. Centre front row is headteacher Mrs Sue Beckett and Chesterfield Rotary president Ian Gaunt

President Ian Gaunt said: “The Dictionary 4 Life project aims to help children develop their knowledge and use of the English language and is a national project in support of Rotary International’s emphasis on Literacy.”

He added: “We believe the dictionaries will stimulate an interest in language, books and reading.”

Christ Church head teacher Mrs Sue Beckett said: “We wish to thank Rotary for this generous and most useful gift for our children.”

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Long Eaton Dawnbreakers Big Breakfast

Following its cancellation in the spring, Long Eaton Dawnbreakers are pleased to announce its Big Breakfast will be held on Saturday 26th September in Dale Abbey.

For the incredible price of £7.50 you can enjoy a full English breakfast with all the trimmings and help raise funds for the Ilkeston Foodbank and Children’s Foodbank.

To book your place please contact Rotarian Nick Jackson on 07767 377774 or

Download (PDF, 2.78MB)

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The India That People Don’t See

Long Eaton Dawnbreakers are sponsoring this event following great success at the first presentation at Bestwood Lodge a while back.

We are now giving Rotarians and members of the public another opportunity to hear Val’s inspirational talk on Wednesday 16th September 2015 at The Chatsworth Arts Centre in Long Eaton. The talk starts at 7.00pm and it is free entry albeit donations on the door will of course be welcome.

To reserve your places to avoid disappointment, please contact Andris Mierkalns on 07969 092311 or

Val Leivers Poster

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Polio update – June 2015

There is much good news this month regarding our fight to eradicate Polio. We are not only so close to completing our mission, but so very close to doing so. It is going to take some more time and most likely some very hard work to accomplish worldwide eradication but we will do it.

Good News

Nigeria has gone all of 2015 without any cases of Polio. However, it cannot be declared Polio-free until 2018. Nigeria’s last case of wild Polio was reported on 24th July 2014. This means Nigeria will be declared Polio-free in 2018 if no more cases of Polio are reported. This would also be great news for the continent of Africa as well which has not had anyone contracting Polio since January 24th 2015. We may see Africa declared Polio-free by 2019. That would be fantastic to welcome in 2020 with Africa Polio-free!

The graph below shows two things: how bad things can get in one country alone with Polio and how good things can get with a concentrated eradication effort.

polio in nigeria

World Health Organisation Criteria on Being Declared Polio Free

So, how does a country or continent get certified Polio-free? There are many theories about how and when an area is certified Polio-free. Below are the World Health Organisation’s criteria for such a certification and I hope this clears up any misconceptions.

1) STEP ONE – measured from the date that paralysis commences in the last case of “wild polio”. (Wild polio refers to a form of the virus that was common in pre-vaccination times and caused a large burden of disease. It has been virtually eliminated except in the countries where polio is still endemic.) If a year passes without any new cases diagnosed, the WHO removes a country from its list of polio-endemic countries.

2) STEP TWO – To be certified polio-free, WHO rules require that a country and its regional neighbours prove that they have stopped the transmission of the polio virus for at least three consecutive years. Detailed laboratory testing data must be submitted to support this.

NOTE: Being removed from the list of Polio-Endemic Countries DOES NOT mean that country has achieved Polio- Free status.

More Good News

Here is an article worth all our attention in the fight against Polio. Not only have we worked hard to eradicate Polio but spin-off technology has come about to help fight all deadly viruses worldwide. Go to the following link and you will find a new vaccine delivery method that will revolutionise vaccine distribution in the future.

Amanda Watkins asked me to pass on to you the latest information on this campaign. I am pleased to report the great success yesterday by Judith Diment, Anna Rieder and all those working in Strasbourg over the last few days collecting more than 80 further MEP signatures. Here is yesterday’s report we were all hoping for.

We are extremely pleased to let you know that more than 377 MEPs (the required threshold) have signed our Written Declaration on continued European Union support for polio eradication!

This is a major achievement after 3 months campaigning by everyone involved … encouraging MEPs to support polio eradication as an EU policy and funding priority. Formal adoption and announcement may take place tomorrow still or else on Thursday.

A very big thank you and congratulations to you all for now. For the twitter-savvy amongst us, it may be good to already start creating some buzz online while we will also develop some thoughts how to communicate this success for the GPEI.

Please see a suggested tweet: Let’s make polio history! @Europarl_EN just adopted declaration on EU support & funding for polio eradication. @WHO @Rotary @UNICEF

Thank you for taking the time to read through this District update.

We hope you have found it informative. If you would like a speaker on the subject of Polio Plus please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to come and speak to your club about Polio Plus.

Rtn Greg Maskalick / Polio Plus Coordinator on District Foundation Committee
07834 728 540


Original PDF on which this news item was based

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Steve’s Scribbles June 2015

District Governor Stephen Lawes

District Governor Stephen Lawes

The wheels of time have revolved endlessly and here we are just a few days away from the end of this Rotary Year. I have been honoured and delighted to have served you as District Governor for D1220 this past year.

I would like to start this last newsletter by saying how delighted I have been to see an overall positive growth in membership over the year as at the beginning of the month, we are about 28 more than when we started the year, sadly with our age demographics we have said a sad goodbye to around 15 members over the months as they have moved to higher service. We are still, however loosing too many members for reasons such as disinterest, no stimulation, energies not matched by club, dissatisfaction with club, and a number who fail to give a reason. We must continue to ask ourselves are we actually doing enough to keep these people within our clubs, if not then we must ask ourselves what are we going to do to change, for if we cannot keep our membership how can we be expected to attract new younger members. I have during the past twelve month advocated that we must change, if we are to survive as an organisation. I continue to urge you all to look at how you could make your clubs a more attractive proposition. We can do all this, and still keep many of our traditions. On a more positive note I am delighted that we will end the year not only in positive growth, but also we are looking forward to being joined by four new clubs, Buxton, from the old 1050 District, and Abbeydale, Sheffield and Doncaster St Leger from 1270. I know that these clubs will bring new projects for us to share. Please welcome them into the fold of D1220 and show them they are joining a great District.

I have also been extremely impressed with all the hard work and projects that are being undertaken, throughout the District. Many of these projects have been augmented with district grants and this brings me onto Foundation. If there is any one area that has saddened me this year, it is the amount of foundation giving, I was delighted to hear that 15 clubs had given the full amount that I had suggested at the start of this year, however, many clubs have not given so much and our total giving is down considerably, both to the general fund and to polio plus. All I will say is that foundation is our own Charity and I believe in the old adage that charity begins at home. It may not be the most popular charity with membership but it is our own and it is through Foundation that we are able to accomplish many of our fine achievements. I also know that many have been disappointed to learn that we are now being charged a levy, but this is only 5% or 5p in the pound to administer the fund. This is still one of the smallest amounts for administration costs for any charity throughout the world. I will end talking about foundation by reminding you all that it is not spiting foundation or the trustees if we do not give, it is those less fortunate than ourselves who will suffer. Less money equals less grants, an inability to fund students, and an inability to fund vocational training teams. I urge you all to reconsider your giving. Rotary only asks that you contribute 100 dollars a year per Rotarian, or approximately £60 a year at current exchange rates, just over £1.15 a week, less than a pint or glass of wine.

Moving onto International I have been moved in recent week to the response by all clubs to the recent disaster in Nepal, clubs undertook the challenge rapidly and through our contacts within Nepal we have been able to send aid and assistance direct to where it is needed. A very big thank you for all your efforts in this area. I can inform you that through your donations to Shelterbox, Aquabox, street collections and club donations we have sent as a District over £40,000. Well done to you all. That aside I have also been amazed at the work you are carrying out overseas, please keep up this excellent job, you have all certainly shined a light in many communities throughout the world.

I would also like to thank the members of the District Team for all their hard work, guidance and advice they have given me over the year, it has been greatly received. To those of the team who are leaving their posts this year I extend a special thank you on behalf of myself and my predecessors, for all the hard work you have given to District over the years. I wish you well for the future. At this point I will mention one in particular and that is Pauline Johnston who is handing over the reins of District Secretary, Pauline has been District Secretary for 5 years and has come to the end of her tenure in post, she has also dedicated 18 years to District in one capacity or another and her knowledge and experience will be sadly missed. Finally,

I thank you all for being such wonderful hosts when I and Jan have visited your clubs and attended your events. The warmth of welcome that has been shown to us both has been truly outstanding. We hope we have represented you well, as we have followed the theme of Light Up Rotary. I know that through your work you have lit many a flame, and the light of Rotary now shines brighter in many communities both at home and abroad. Please keep up the excellent work and keep those flames alight as to light the path for the new year. I look forward to seeing many of you at District Handover on the 28th June when we will induct the incoming DG, my friend Dr Roger Summers.

Again I thank you for giving me the honour of being your District Governor these past 12 months.

Yours in Rotary


Steve Lawes, District Governor 2014-2015

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International Showcase Spring 2015

” Together we can make a Difference “

We were delighted that 30 of our District Clubs brought Displays of their International work to the Showcase held at The North Wingfield Miners Welfare.

We also had Displays from Mercy Ships, Aquabox, Shelterbox and Bridge2Aid. During the afternoon we had almost 200 Rotarians , families, friends and community enjoying the displays and the opportunity to find out more about projects and charities helping Communities throughout the World.

As a follow up many clubs have arranged speakers for their members and agreed to work together on fundraising.

Sue Leyden, daughter of Sir John Hunt 1953 Everest expedition leader, gave a superb talk about “Everest Re-Visited and the work of The Himalayan Trust”. Our District Governor Steve Lawes presented her a donation of £300 from our District to support the Charity.

We hope to repeat the Showcase in the coming Rotary year using Derby and Nottingham Universities as our venues.


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Renishaw Hall to Host Charity Classic Car & Bike Show

Hundreds of classic cars and bikes from all eras will be converging on picturesque Renishaw Hall, Eckington, near Chesterfield (S21 3WB), on Wednesday 10 June 2015, for one of the region’s biggest Classic Car and Bike Shows.

Organised each year by the Rotary Club of Chesterfield, the event is set to raise thousands of pounds for three local charities, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, and Chesterfield’s Ashgate Hospice.

The rally attended by enthusiasts from all over the area is open from 3.00pm until 8.00pm.

Main organiser, Stuart Bradley of Stuart Bradley Ltd Jewellers, said: “Renishaw Hall is the perfect venue for this charitable event which we have run successfully for several years now in support of these important local charities.”

There will be musical entertainment from Direction Theatre Arts, variety of stalls and amusements, plus refreshments and bar will also be available. Admission is £5 a vehicle. For more information please contact main organiser Stuart Bradley on 01246 222777.

The main sponsor of this charity event is Autoworld, one of the leading New and Used Car dealerships in Derbyshire and the Midlands. Other sponsors include:- CMC Motorcycles, PCS Motor Factors, Noble Motorsport, BRM Solicitors, Stuart Bradley Jewellers.

The date has also been released for this summer’s annual charity Ashover Classic Car and Bike Show which will be held at Rectory Fields, Ashover on Sunday 26 July from 10.00am.

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Nepal Earthquake

My Fellow Rotarians in D1220

You will all have seen the dreadful news that his coming out of Nepal. I know that there are many clubs and individuals within D1220 that have strong links with the country. I am sure that many of you are also wondering about the safety of the GSE Team who visited a couple of years ago. David Hood who took our team out is in intermittent contact with Nugal their team leader and who is also the current District Secretary in D3292, and he will be our link for news. I can inform you that I have today been informed that all the GSE Team members and their families are safe.

Regarding relief support, as you may be aware RIBI have set up a Donations Trust which will be used to fund projects to help get the country back on its feet. However and more urgently there is an immediate need for shelter and clean water.

I am therefore asking all clubs in D1220 to support our own Aquabox, who have already sent boxes to Nepal and Shelter Box with funds. I also felt that there needed for a co-ordinated response from District and we have therefore, also decided to set up a Nepal Disaster Relief Fund within the District, which will be administered by the International Disaster Response Committee consisting of Myself as DG, Roger Summers as DGE, Cheryle Berry as District International Officer Rtn David Hood (AG Peak) as the Nepal GSE Team Leader who also has direct contact with Nepal and PDG Gordon in his capacity as RGBI coordinator. I therefore ask that any monies clubs may wish to donate be paid direct to the Treasurer of District 1220 with the cheques made out to Rotary D1220 and I would ask that you endorse them on the reverse with the words Nepal Disaster Fund, this will enable the Treasurer to easily identify any donation. Also attached is the leaflet from RIBI and a message from Nugal received by David.

The committee will us the monies generated as and where needed in Nepal via the district 3292 disaster relief fund that was set up two years ago just for events that they have just experienced. The committee will keep you all informed on a regular basis on our income and expenditure.


Yours in Rotary
District Governor Steve

Rotary in Action

News from Rotary District 3292 (Nepal) Secretary Nugal Vaidya.

Hours after the earthquake struck, District Governor Rabindra Piya called an Emergency Meeting of the “DISTRICT DISASTER RELIEF FUND COMMITTEE”.

The devastation in the Kathmandu Valley and around the country soon became clear. The Rotary Club of New Road City had a fellowship meeting in a hotel at the time of the quake, and the building collapsed trapping many of the members. Most were rescued but at this time others are still trapped. The Disaster Relief Committee is setting up an appeal to help with the immediate relief and to respond to a sustainable rebuilding of communities. With Government participation we plan to build 1000 low cost homes in the rural areas. In the short term there is an urgent need for Shelter, food and safe drinking water and we are asking for help from Rotary around the world.

Rotary Clubs in GB&I will have many friends and contacts in Nepal through both GSE team contacts and the many Club projects carried out all over Nepal. Clubs may wish to help their direct contacts, and I have already heard from some. However, Rotary GB&I have now set up the RIBI Donations Trust for the Nepal Earthquake appeal. This is for the long term, sustainable community projects we will support once the immediate emergency has been dealt with. Donations can be sent to Elisabeth Tritschler at Alcester or: online through our BTmydonate page

In the mean time you are also asked to support our Box Schemes who report as follows:

Aquabox have boxes in District 3292 and they will be distributed immediately. 180 Aquabox Golds and 20 Community Filters have been released to the Devon and Somerset Fire Brigade who have close contacts with Nepal and are sending a team out to assist.. Aquabox also have contact with the Ghurkha regiment who have distributed boxes in the past. More boxes are available and more are being packed subject to funding.

Shelter Box have sent a team out immediately and Rotary in Nepal have already asked for Shelter Boxes to be supplied as shelter is a major concern.

Water Survival Box have released all their boxes ( approx 400) to Humanity First UK who they have worked with very successfully in previous disasters and more boxes have been offered when available.

There three schemes have responded immediately and will need financial support both to provide their boxes as well the cost of Distribution. Disaster Aid UK and Ireland are assessing the situation and will be giving support for the rebuilding of communities once the initial urgent needs are met.

Gordon McGlone on behalf of the Rotary GB&I International Committee

The Undermentioned is the text from an e-mail from Nugal to David Hood followed by an update from the D3292 Disaster Relief Fund committee:

Subject: RE: appeal to rotary clubs on recent devastating earthquake

Dear David, Thank you for your immediate mail and concerned appeal at your district.

Although we transport Aquaboxes through sea cargo and through British Gurkha for additional cost saving which cause the delivery quite considerable weeks, it still will be valid and most useful as the devastation here is so terrible throughout the country. The damage and causalities in Kathmandu valley itself is so huge and frantic. So any help you can gather and send in this relation would be highly welcome. I have mentioned about your immediate actions and concern in our Council of Governors meeting today. Very fortunately I have electricity at my home from today but still we all are outside at open camps and my internet has started to work from today. Other e-mails I sent was from a friend’s house in distance. I think Community Filters would be also very much needed in considerations of hundred thousands of houses destroyed.

We are also receiving tremendous solidarity and response from other international partners as well and we hope to contribute significantly together in this need of hour which is going to take a considerable span of time.

Regards. Nugal


Further to my text message to you yesterday regarding the devastating earthquake taking huge toll and damage in Kathmandu valley and around the country, the EMERGENCY MEETING of “District Disaster Relief Fund committee” met today in Bagaincha restaurant in presence of many PDG, Rotarians, Rotaracts/Interacts Officials despite a major earthquake went in the afternoon and another severe one was being talked about.


From April 25, 2015 a major earthquake of 7.9 rector took place 11:53am with many aftershocks claiming too many lives and causalities and damaging numerous houses and structures. Looking at the nature and calamity taking place District Secretary and Member Secretary Nugal Vaidya and the District Governor Rabindra Piya with other Governors and Rotarians were in touch taking the stock and nature of the incident Nugal sent SMS text message circular to Presidents, AG’s and Rotarians in late afternoon in response to the call of the hour urging them not to panic and focus in their respective residence area only to help the families and the neighborhood to make them safe; to take stock of the incidents in their area and inform District Administration so that required attentions could be given; to circulate this message to every Rotarians in their respective clubs.

Incidents reported were:

  1. RC of New Road City had a fellowship club meeting in Chisapani Hotel BBC and unfortunately the building collapsed and most of them were buried inside and later 7 of them rescued with 2 still trapped down in the debris. DG Rabindra and DS Nugal was following up this through Dr. Harsha, Chartered President and other members of the club but their dire effort to evacuate through helicopter airlift could materialized only today Monday early morning through Nepal Army and Private Airlines. 1 dead and 2 still missing with 6 injured were evacuated. Gopal Kakshapati, Yadav Kharel and K B Chettri assisted in the process.
  2. Gorkha was another severely hit area and AG Pawan Raman Khanal is in constant touch with the district.
  3. AG Ashok Shrestha was also in constant touch taking the stock of Dhulikhel-Banepa area with DS Nugal and contacting International aid agencies also.
  4. In the absence of electricity and internet, in late evening Gopal Kakshapati assisted Nugal to send his emergency call letter to Shelter Box for their SRT and aid. It was immediately responded by Sam Hewett and SRT volunteer Phil is arriving Kathmandu tonight.
  5. Today another incident of PE Purushottam Manandhar from RC Mount Everest was reported by PP Rajesh Thapa. His house was also severely damaged and his spouse injured.
  6. DG Rabindra Piya, DGE Keshav Kunwar, DGE Jaya Shah was in frequent communication with DS Nugal, regarding the situation updates and call from batch mates and RI Officials including RIPE Ravindaram to express their solidarity and willingness to help.
  7. RC Sainbu Bhaisepati has a dire need to help at least the desperate Women with new born baby and her family with their house totally demolished by the earthquake in their community, many houses are brought down there.
  8. DS Nugal was in constant touch with APF and DSP Jeevan KC in the Central National Disaster Relief Committee in Home Ministry. And today Ministry has sent their requirement list for relief distribution of a total of 2,250 Shelter Box around the country and significant dry food aid.
  9. Through Dr. Madan Piya, PP RC of Patan West, a team of Rotarians from Singapore with relief materials are arriving tonight.
  10. The death toll has reached 1700 + and is ever increasing with huge number of injured and houses damaged and collapsed.


  1. District Disaster Relief Fund Committee has decided to set Nrs. 30,00,000 as a special case in consideration to the magnitude of devastation and occurrence in reporting.
  2. It was decided to raise and contribute Nrs. 1,00,00,000 from Rotary to contribute towards this Earthquake incident.
  3. It was decided to request all the Rotarians in all the clubs in the district to contribute at least Nrs. 1,000 each within month of May as their solidarity in contributing towards this natural disaster.
  4. District Interact present promised to raise minimum Nrs. 50,000 from Interacts.
  5. District Rotaract present promised to raise minimum Nrs. 1,00,000.
  6. It was also decided to call through district or through respective rotary club networks for Rotary related International help in terms of money and in service.
  7. It was decided to focus on earthquake victim related relief about 80% and panic public relief about 20% in case to case basis.
  8. A target of building 1,000 low cost houses in the calamity hit rural areas in community and government participation, where Rotary will match Nrs. 1,000 each. District to start discussing the subject with the government.
  9. Rotary preference would be in Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk area but not restricted to in relation to the resource building and necessity in case to case basis.
  10. Few Focal Persons nominated in the Emergency Task Force beside the District Disaster Relief related committee are added:
    1. Food Aid Purchase and distribution – Ashok Shrestha
    2. Non food aid purchase and distribution – Chintamani Bhattarai
    3. Medical Team aid and assistance – Dr. Madan Piya, Gopal Kakshapati
    4. Shelter related aid and Nepal Government need assessment – Nugal Vaidya, Binod Koirala
    5. International Rotary networking – DG Rabindra Piya, DGE Keshav Kunwar, DGN Jaya Shah
    6. Volunteering: K. B. Chettri, Bishnu Bdr. Karki, DRR Amit Bajracharya, IRR Prakshayapan Prasai,
    7. Rescue – Yadav Kharel, M. K. Jha, Rajiv Pokharel
    8. Policy making – District Disaster Relief Fund Committee
  11. Request Clubs to work closely with District Disaster Relief Committee of Nepal Government for relief works
  12. Other relative decisions to follow in conjunction to the developments and crisis status
  13. Relief works on short term and long term basis

Thus, kindly discuss and circular this to your members and do the needful at the earliest. Your proactive contributions are very much sought and well appreciated. Thank you.

Nugal Vaidya
District Secretary
Member Secretary, District Disaster Relief Fund Committee


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Message from District Leadership and Development Team

District Assembly 2015

Last Saturday – 25th April – we held our 1220 District Assembly at Eastwood Hall with a record number of 360 Rotarians attending.

The purpose of the Assembly was for District Governor Elect Roger to convey the key message for his year, and through the breakout sessions, for the District Officers to provide information and facilitate discussions to generate ideas to help all Clubs prepare and plan for an exciting new Rotary year.

It was the first time we have used Eastwood for our Assembly, and we thought it would offer a more pleasant, and a distinctly more professional venue. We believe it worked really well and aided superbly by the Hotel staff.

Nevertheless it is the views of delegates that count and we are currently summarising all the evaluation forms submitted and as always we will use the key messages to help us improve in future years.

We are also collating all the output notes on the common question discussed in the breakout groups and we will share this with all Clubs when completed.

DGE Roger and the Leadership & Development Team really do hope all the Rotarians who attended did find the Assembly useful and a source of inspiration and enthusiasm to transfer into our Clubs through this next year.

May we take this opportunity to thank all attendees for making the effort to attend and for your cooperation and contributions to a successful Assembly.

Yours in Rotary John Barker
Retiring Chair of the District Leadership & Development Team

Situations Vacant

Looking to the new Rotary year there are two areas where the Leadership and Development Team need help please consider the requests below:

District Treasurer

When District Treasurer Phil Harris took on the role he agreed a four year term. The next Rotary year will therefore be his last. To create continuity in this key role we need someone who will work with him from July this year and be ready to take over in July 2016.

If you feel you could make this important contribution to your District please contact Phil Harris direct or speak with the 2015/16 Training Officer PDG Gordon McGlone


Youth Services

The Youth Services Team need someone to organise the very successful YOUNG CHEF COMPETITION in the new Rotary Year. In addition to the District Competition, our District has been asked to organise the Regional Final. These events could be organised by an individual or a small sub-committee.

Could you help? Please contact 2015/16 Training Officer PDG Gordon McGlone.


Original item:

Download (PDF, 306KB)


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